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This is how female speakers should choose dresses (2)

2023-02-28 04:33:09

◆ 三角形脸适合度:★★★★点评:圆型领上衣对于有角度的脸型起到修饰作用,效果很不错,可以让脸显得柔和,让人也显得温柔。

When choosing a dress, although there are many aspects that female speakers consider, the main factors to consider are only the following, such as style, collar, fabric, color, etc.These considerations are now described in detail.

3、 Face

Dresses are often the favorite of professional women, because a good skirt worn on the body can make working women look more professional and convincing.However, if you want to wear a dress beautifully, you must also pay attention to whether your face shape matches the collar shape of the dress top.Therefore, the author is here to share with you the topic of matching face shape and collar shape.

First, to understand the perfect face shape is to understand the gold standard for perfect face shape (see Figure 2-23).

The content of the gold standard of perfect face shape is as follows: the perfect face shape should be a melon seed face, and to judge whether a certain face is a melon seed face, it is based on three major proportions and an angle.The ratio of zygomatic width to temporal width is 1:0.819; the ratio of zygomatic width to mandibular angle width is 1:0.678; the ratio of zygomatic width to face length is 1:1.619; and the perfect jaw angle angle is 116 degrees.

Figure 2-23

Second, identify other face shapes.That is, other face shapes are determined according to the different changes of the three major proportions and one angle.Other face shapes are generally divided into seven categories (see Figure 2-24, Figure 2-25), and they are now introduced one by one.

■ 菱形脸:(见图2-24)

The diamond-shaped face, also known as the diamond face, is somewhat similar to the inverted triangular face, both with a beautiful pointed chin.

The rhomboid features are obvious: the forehead is narrow and tapering toward the top; the temples are sunken, the zygomatic arch protrudes, and the zygomatic face is the widest part of the face; and the chin is sharp.


The face is represented by stars such as Lin Chi-ling and Zhang Ziyi.

Figure 2-24

‖ triangular face (see figure 2-25)

Triangular face, also known as pear-shaped face, gives the visual impression that there is a very wide chin.

The characteristics of the triangular face are: the forehead is relatively narrow, and the widest part of the whole face is the lower jaw, which is just a regular triangle with a small upper and lower size.

The triangular face has a gentle, informal, and intimate feel, but this face shape lacks femininity.

Representative stars of this face shape include Chen Luyu, Kate Moss and so on.

Figure 2-25

■ 倒三角形脸:(见图2-26)

The inverted triangle face, also known as the heart-shaped face, is now a face that many people want to have.

The inverted triangle features a broad forehead, or upper face, from the hairline to the cheekbones, and a sharp chin.

The inverted triangular face is very feminine, giving people a sharp, feminine and weak feeling, but this face shape is also easy to make people think that she is very snarky.

The representative stars of this face shape include Fan Bingbing, Zhao Liying and so on.

Figure 2-26

■ Square face: (see Figure 2-27)

The square face is also known as the national character face.Its formation is mainly caused by the hypertrophy and stout of the mandibular angle on the side of the mandible.

The square face is characterized by a similar width of the forehead, cheekbones and chin, a similar width and length of the face, and a more pronounced sense of the contour of the chin.



Figure 2-27

■ Rectangular face: (see Figure 2-28)


A rectangular face is characterized by a similar width of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin, but the cheekface is less than two-thirds of the length of the face.

This kind of face female appears rational, deep and full of wisdom, but also easy to give people the impression of old, aloof.



■ Round face: (see Figure 2-29)

Round face is also known as baby face. It is shaped like an oval but slightly shorter and usually has a rounded chin.

A round face is characterized by a wide zygomatic face that is similar to the length of the face, curved lines of facial shape that do not appear at right angles to the face, and a full chin.

Round-faced eyebrows usually look much younger than their actual age, giving people a lively and cute, healthy and approachable feeling, but this face shape looks childish and immature from any angle, and it is difficult to make people feel trusted.

The face is represented by stars such as Charlene Choi and Baby Zhang.

Figure 2-29

■ 椭圆形脸:(见图2-30)

Oval face also known as oval face. In the traditional aesthetic concept, it is the ideal face shape, but also is now a lot of fashion people pursue the face shape.

The oval face is characterized by a forehead roughly the same width as the cheekbones but slightly wider than the chin, which is about two-thirds the length of the face, and a slightly rounded chin that is neither too large nor too small.

The oval face gives people a beautiful and dignified feeling, but its sense of personality is not strong.


Figure 2-30

The collar type introduced above also explained the face shape, then the next is the matching degree of various collar types and various face shapes.


Diamond Face

Fit: ★★★★★★★★

Comments: The beauty of the diamond-shaped face should pay attention to the fact that the simpler the better, and the collar type must be simple.Therefore, they are the best match.

◆ Triangle face

Fitness: 0

Comments: Women with triangle faces wear a neckline top, which is easy to highlight the shortcomings of not having a chin, so it is not suitable.

Inverted triangle face

Fit: ★★★

Comments: The wide neckline can modify the face shape of the upper width and the bottom narrow, so that your forehead has a smaller feeling.So, it's also a better match.

◆ 方形脸

Fit: 0


◆ Long face (including rectangular face and oval face)

Fit: ★

Comments: One word comprehension will lengthen the face shape, so long face people are not suitable, there is lace or a specially designed neckline can also try!

Round face

Fit: ★★★★

Comments: the round face of the Meimei suitable for wearing a larger neckline clothes, will look thin face.

The ubiquitous crewneck top certainly has its reason for popularity.In addition to people with round faces, people with various other face shapes can achieve good grooming effects by wearing round-necked clothes.When you don't know what to wear, opt for a crewneck dress that you can't go wrong.

◆ Diamond-shaped face

Fit: ★★★★

Comments: The round neckline is more suitable for beauty with diamond-shaped eyelids, there are no extra lines, and it will give the face a soft feeling.

Triangular face


Comments: The round neck top has a decorative effect on the angular face shape, and the effect is very good, which can make the face appear soft and make people look gentle.

◆ 倒三角脸

Fit: ★★★★★★★★

Comments: This kind of face shape with a round neck top can alleviate the gap between the upper width and the lower narrow, and achieve the purpose of modification.So, they're a perfect match!

◆ Square face

Fit: ★★★★


Long face (including rectangular face and oval face)

Moderation: ★★★★★★★★

Comments: The round neck can shorten the overly long face shape, so of course the long-faced beauty can't miss it!

◆ Round face

Fit: 0

Comments: Of course, a round face should not be matched with a round collar.How to add a circle to a circle? So be sure to avoid it.


◆ Diamond-shaped face

Fit: ★


Triangular face

Fitness: 0

Comments: The U-neck top highlights the shortcomings of the triangle face and the two cheeks, making the forehead part appear narrower, so it is best not to try.

◆ Inverted triangle face


Comments: The U-neck top can balance the shortcomings of the inverted triangle face wide and narrow and make the face shape look perfect, so the heart-shaped face beauty quickly try it.

◆ Square face

Fit: 0

Comments: and square face shape similar U-shaped collar, will only make the face more square, so do not try.

Long face (including rectangular face and oval face)

Fit: ★★★

Comments: long face wearing U-collar clothes can elongate the neck line, modify the face because of too long and appear a little short neck. Therefore, they are also more suitable.

◆ Round face


Comments: After the round face with the U-neck top, I feel that the whole face has been slimmed down, not only that, but the cute feeling has also become mature.So, the two are a perfect match.

The biggest advantage of V-neck clothes is that they have the effect of lengthening the face shape, especially suitable for modifying the wide and prominent face shape of the two cheeks, as for the thin and long face, of course, do not wear the V-neck.

◆ Diamond-shaped face

Fit: ★★

Comments: The shape of the V-neck and the diamond-shaped face are similar, but it further highlights the shortcomings of the prominent cheekbones of the diamond-shaped face.So, not suitable.

◆ Triangle face

Fit: ★★★★★★

Comments: The V-neck can modify the prominent cheeks of the triangular face, but too deep a V-neck will highlight the narrower forehead.

◆ 倒三角脸

Fit: ★

Comments: Both are pointed at the lower end, so they are not suitable.

◆ Square face

Fit: ★★★★★

Comments: v-neck clothes can effectively embellish and elongate angular face, but also can help you elongate a little chin, so, very suitable.

◆ Long face (including rectangular face and oval face)

Fit: 0

Comments: You can no longer wear V-neck clothes, otherwise your face will become longer and longer, and it will really become the legendary "horse face"!

◆ Round face

Fit: ★★★★

Comments: Round-faced girls wearing V-neck tops are a good choice, lengthening the face shape and making the round face slender.

The high neck is also called the standing collar, and the high neck can be described as the "most dangerous" of all collars.Why do you say that? Because after wearing a turtleneck that wraps your entire neck, the direct emphasis is on your face! Therefore, the perfect face shape is suitable for beautiful eyebrows.

◆ Diamond-shaped face

Fit: ★★★


◆ Triangle face

Fitness: 0


◆ Inverted triangle face

★★★★ Fit


Square face

Fit: 0


◆ 长形脸(包括长方形脸和椭圆形脸)

适合度 ★

Comments: because the face is longer, easy to cause the illusion of a short neck, so try to wear less!

◆ 圆形脸

★★★ Fit

Comments: The round face gives people the feeling of being kind and kind.So, you can also choose a dark turtleneck top to slightly decorate the overly rounded face.

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