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Lugu Street Lujing Community signed an interconnection and co-construction agreement with the Party Branch of the China Vertical Federation

2023-02-28 04:32:44


On July 26,2019, Lugu Street Office Lujing community and the branch of the central-longitudinal United Party in LUJING community successfully signed the“Interconnection and co-construction agreement.”.

Lugu Street Lujing Community Party Member Service Center is to work under the leadership of higher levels, provide various high-quality services for the broad masses of residents, and is an important window for party organizations to serve party members, party organizations and party members to serve the masses.The center mainly opens the relationship between transferring party members and organizations, providing business guidance for absorbing party activists and party members becoming regular, carrying out party affairs policy consultation, providing information for reemployment, accepting party members' help, providing acceptance services for party members to pay party dues, and mobile party member registration, such as policy and regulation training, employment information inquiry, practical technology learning and other online on-demand, download and browsing services.

This“Marriage of social enterprises” is after the chairman of zhongzhonglianlian group, Liang Wei, was awarded the honor of“The third new era moving Lugu Street top ten people”, lugu Street Lujing community and the Union Group and other 13 enterprises and institutions once again work together to create a community and company“Party building community.”. The joint efforts of the two sides are aimed at implementing the spirit of the 19th party congress, deepening the work of party building at the grass-roots level in cities, integrating the resources and strength of all parties, and building a community of party building, development, and service, we should build a regional pattern of big party building featuring unity, integration, joint construction and sharing, and mutual benefit and complementarity.