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Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingquan: This is the most beautiful love I have ever seen

2023-02-28 04:32:34


The thin clouds are clever, the flying stars are hateful, and the silver han is full of darkness.As soon as the golden wind and jade dew met, they won countless victories in the world.

Their feelings are as tender as water; their annual date is like a dream forever. On the magpie bridge, how can they bear to turn homeward one more time? If mutual love will last and never die, why need to be together day and night?


Recently, Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingquan participated in a large-scale poetry and music program "Classic Song Circulation" on CCTV, singing the classic poem "Queqiao Immortal" for the audience, with beautiful lyrics, accompanied by Cantonese, combined with classical poetry, which is very moving.

And what deeply moved me was not only this song, but also the love story of Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingquan, presumably the most beautiful love should be like this.

That day, A-jie dressed in red and stood on the Magpie Bridge, and Luo Lao was wearing a black suit, the big red bow tie was very bright, and the suit seemed to be a little abrupt, and later during the visit, Luo Lao talked about the origin of this bow tie.

It turns out that when the two got married, Liza Wang designed a cheongsam by himself. After making the cheongsam, he added some rags and made the red bow tie with these rags. Although old Luo had always emphasized that it was a rag, a rag that he was supposed to throw away, the happiness on his face was unstoppable. He had been keeping it all these years.

In the words of Kang Zhen, “Luo always hoped that Wang's elegant demeanor would flutter in his chest forever.”

And what touched me the most was the letter written by Luo Lao to his wife Wang Mingquan on stage, which was the first letter Luo Jiaying wrote to his wife in the thirty years since they became husband and wife.

The letter wrote that thirty years ago, the two met because of Cantonese opera, and on August 28, 1988, after a performance, Mr. Wang Mingquan suddenly went to Mr. Luo Jiaying's dressing room, hugged Mr. Luo Jiaying, and then kissed him on the cheek.So Teacher Luo Jiaying said to Teacher Wang Mingquan, I won't let people bully you on stage.


The two have been in love for twenty-one years, and they only got married at the age of 60, the most beautiful love, it doesn't matter to me later, as long as there is a good ending, and finally be with you, it's fine.



Perhaps Fate was merciful. When Liza Wang fell ill, Law Kar-ying was with her, taking care of her. The surgery went well. The cancer did not spread. Liza Wang survived. With Liza Wang, Law Kar-ying's surgery was a success.

It is said that love cannot stand the test when it experiences life and death, but if even death cannot separate two people, then what else can separate two people?

So on May 2, 2009, the two registered their marriage in Las Vegas.At this time, both of them were over the age of flower armor.

But as Elder Luo said in his letter: "

If we were together in the next life, I would love to, how about you?


I like that sentence, the most beautiful love, for me, it doesn't matter if it's later, as long as there is a good ending, and finally with you the most, it's good.

I am 29 years old, have never been in a relationship, around the people are worried crazy, they must think I am not a normal person. But my mother was the only one who said to me, “I want you to marry for love, not for ideas.”



A few times, a friend pulled me to go on a blind date, because it is not good to refuse, so they go. But, always feel where wrong, perhaps that with me on the person, has not appeared.




If you do not forget, there will be an echo.


I still remember the grandfather named Lao Xia, and the story of him and his wife Crispy Goose also deeply touched me.Love has not faded with the passage of time and age, but has become more glamorous.

That kind of love, is to leave for a while will miss, is must hold each other's hand will be at ease, is even forget the whole world, but still do not forget to love you, even if the end of life, will be because of this life you, and satisfaction.

In this way, it is called marrying love.

Love doesn't have to be vigorous, but it wants to last.For a long time, we have been together for decades, and there are still endless words; For a long time, our sideburns are white, and we still can't hide the affection you look at me; After a long time, we have been in a coffin, and we still do not forget the oath we made in the next life.



The writing is so good, the singing is so good, just at a glance, Teacher Luo Jiaying and Teacher Wang Mingquan looked at each other, and they interpreted this poem vividly.If you ask me what love looks like, I want to say that Wang Mingquan and Luo Jiaying are the most beautiful love I have ever seen.

This kind of love, has nothing to do with wind and rain, nothing else.