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[50/365] why lipstick is so popular

2023-02-28 04:32:19

Three. Marketing strategy 1. The user's perspective "bringing goods" is the most taboo marketing, he generally uses 5 out of 3 ways: these two colors are too ugly...


Today, listening to an audio of the professional system, suddenly thought of tiktok big v Li Jiaqi, especially want to come in to talk about him:

Li Jiaqi, also known as the first brother of lipstick, has attracted 13 million fans in just two months on Douyin, and once set a record of selling 15,000 lipsticks in 5 minutes.

The Internet era has spawned a large number of Internet celebrities, who are definitely not the first nor the last, but his existence can be said to be a sign of this era.

So, how exactly did he become red?

A simple analysis should have the following points

1. Accurate positioning

First, the precise positioning of lipstick evaluation is the best way for users to quickly remember the brand.

Secondly, Li Jiaqi's team added the color trial product name and brand name to the cover of each video, which can not only ensure the unity of the video style, but also facilitate users to choose the content to watch.

Image from Jianshu App


He put a video of selling lipstick with Jack Ma PK and challenging Guinness to apply lipstick for 30 seconds in the Douyin video, using the endorsement of Internet celebrities to make the label of "lipstick brother" more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Two. Differentiated powder absorption

1. Identity differences

Generally, beauty bloggers are women, and Li Jiaqi, as a very small number of male beauty bloggers, attracts attention through exaggerated performance and impresses users.Coupled with meeting people's social needs, the expression has become a conversation after tea, which is undoubtedly a fan attraction.

2. Experience difference

Others sell lipstick to try color on the arm, but Li Jiaqi directly uses his mouth to try the color, and uses the live broadcast to spread the intuitive sense of experience.

3. Be fun

The interaction with the assistant and the contrast between the boy wearing lipstick amused the audience and increased the user viscosity.

Three. Marketing strategy

1. User perspective

"Bring goods" is the most taboo marketing, he generally uses 5 out of 3 methods: these two colors are too ugly... Instant increase in trust.

2. Interactive form

In addition to interactive videos, the form of each video of Li Jiaqi is to take out the product - try - give feedback - recommend the purchase model.It is equivalent to asking a problem - giving a solution, which greatly satisfies the user's perspective.




1. Propaganda statements

From the point of view of the user extracted from the propaganda statements, the most can move the key points of users, people are interested in buying products.

Kissing to the feeling of bleeding;

The color of a flower fairy;


A mouth that squeezes out water;

Paint you is a noblewoman ...

2. Unique mantras



Above even has the big god analysis to be more thorough, in other words, Li Jiaqi is not a person in the battle.

If Jack Ma's success is due to a group of women behind it, then behind Li Jiaqi's “Red” is a powerful marketing team!