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How SealSC truly interconnects the Internet, blockchain, and the real economy

2023-02-28 04:32:04

Like the real economy, it is eager to combine blockchain to achieve reform, but it will face the following problems: • Traditional entities are difficult to use blockchain technology for business upgrades simply and smoothly • Most smart contracts are developed and deployed by open source communities/individual developers/hackathons, and cannot be directly commercialized• At present, there are many major public chains, and users/technologies/values cannot interact with each other

Traditional industries are in a growth dilemma, the international financial market is turbulent, the capital winter and the rapid changes in the world's domestic economic situation; The demand for blockchain to empower the real economy is increasing day by day, and a large number of traditional enterprises, including Internet companies, have begun to seek the combination of their own business and Blockchain, hoping to achieve new reforms through blockchain technology.

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At present, the blockchain infrastructure has begun to take shape after the hundred chains of the first year of the public chain in 2018, and the blockchain ecology will usher in a high explosive node that fully accesses the data and traffic of major business ecosystems, and empowering the real economy is the key future of the blockchain.

How to make the Internet, blockchain and real economy connect each other, we need to understand the problems of real economy and blockchain.

Like the real economy, it is eager to combine blockchain to achieve reform, but will face the following problems:

•   传统实体经难以简单平滑的使用区块链技术进行业务升级
•   大部分智能合约由开源社区/个人开发者/黑客松开发部署,无法直接商用
•   目前各大公链繁多,用户/技术/价值无法互通
•   公链的开源与隐私问题,无法满足企业商用
•   学习周期长、技术成本巨大

But the blockchain domain also faces some problems, causes can not very good with the real economy to produce the massive union and the benefit

• The public chain is highly heterogeneous, incompatible with each other, huge architectural differences, and value data islands• The development cost of multi-chain operation of DApp developers is huge• The learning cost is high, the required budget is high, the traffic is not enough to survive, and developers are forced to withdraw• User diversion and respective barriers lead to ecological malaise, DAPP growth is slow, survival is difficult, and it is difficult to empower the real economy • The blockchain technology architecture is immature, lacks a complete middle layer/middleware, and has not reached standardization

So connecting the internet, the blockchain, and the real economy, enabling the real economy, connecting to the real, is what SealSC is all about.

The end.