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A perk for cocktail lovers

2023-02-28 04:31:49

Prior to this, among the 51-100 "Asia's 50 Best Bars" list, a total of 12 bars in China were on the list, of which 7 were newcomers, namely Honky Tonks Tavern (Hong Kong, China, 55th), Quality Goods Club (Hong Kong, China, 56th), Th


This year is undoubtedly a happy one for bar lovers, as 2022 saw the return of Asia's 50best Bars to the Mandarin Oriental, a lavish awards ceremony was held in Bangkok.

The 100 best pubs in Asia, hosted by the Business Media William Reed, is regarded as the“Highest honor of Asian pubs”. A panel of 220 members from the industry has been invited to join the judging panel, including bartenders, bar owners, wine critics and cocktail lovers. The rules for 2022 are different, with voting judges being allowed to nominate seven bars, of which up to five are in the judge's own country or region; If the pre-nominated bar is in an area where free travel is not possible, the judge is advised not to vote for the bar in that area.

The Upshot: Hong Kong's Coa Bar, praised for its elaborate wine list and hospitality, has topped the list for the second year. Singapore Jigger

A total of 14 Chinese bars were selected as Asia's top 50 this year, including 8 in Hong Kong, 4 in Chinese mainland and 2 in Taiwan.Among them, bars The Audrey and Argo from Hong Kong, China, are strong, and they won 38th and 3rd places on the debut.Chinese mainland four regulars on the list performed steadily: Sober Company (11th), Temple Front Ice Room (18th), Union Trading Company (45th) and Speak Low (50th).

Previously, China had 12 pubs in the first 51-100 of Asia's 50 best pubs, of which seven were new entrants, they are Honky Tonks Tavern (Hong Kong, China, No. 55) , Quality Goods Club (Hong Kong, China, No. 56) , The Public House (Taipei, China, No. 68) , Mizunara: The Library (Hong Kong, China, No. 71) , Mesa (Macau, China, No. 82) , hiboru (Taipei, China, 86th) and Moonrock (Tainan, China, 91st) are not to be underestimated. It is worth mentioning that the bar e. Karen. I. C has risen sharply to 52nd place this year, after appearing on the list last year and winning the most promising award.

For lovers in the mainland, Guangzhou and Shanghai are better places to check in, but due to the volatile epidemic situation in Shanghai and Guangzhou recently, I don't know when I will have the opportunity to check it out.Although it is difficult now, I believe that the light will soon usher in.

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