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North n self-driving day 10: Yosemite Falls and rocks

2023-02-28 04:31:24

I went down to the bottom of the waterfall to see it, and the water mist came in.

The camp is very water-efficient. Common potable water portable water can not be used to flush, toilet water can. The dishwater must be emptied into the toilet. The key is that the faucet is a hand-off type. California is hot and dry, and water use should be controlled. The bathroom door has a water shortage in California, water conservation instructions.

California is no longer a disposable plastic products, in the gift shop can be seen in a lot of colorful shopping bags.

There is a small stream next to it, the water is clear and transparent.The reflection of trees in the water is clearly visible.

We moved to another part of the camp, right next to the stream. The slope was bigger, but it looked roomier.

You can go down to the river from next to Bear Locker.The river is full of pebbles large and small washed by the current.It's dry season, and half the width of the stream remains.

It takes 40 minutes from the camp to Yosemite Valley.This time to another waterfall, Vernal Falls.Go to Yosemite Falls the evening before, the waterfall has no water flow at this time.

On the way past this big brother's side, always can not help but clap.

The parking lot, the woods are full of cute little squirrels, and bold, not afraid of people.

We drove to Currey Village, stopped the bus, took the shuttle bus for two stops, and started heading to Vernal Falls.I haven't climbed the mountain for a long time, and it takes about two hours to go up the hill to Vernal Waterfall.

Leaning on the wooden railing, look at the flowing water in the mountains.

The mountain road is not wide, and the clothes on the back are soaked when walking, and the amount of sweat is similar to that in Vancouver for several years.

In the forested land, there is an inexplicable feeling of sitting in a well and watching the sky.

I was still very happy to see the flowing water.

The mountains here are indeed distinctive, with a concentration of glacial cutting topography.

The dark-crowned blue jay lazily stays in the treetops.This is the last stop up the mountain to resupply drinking water.There is a water station, there are explanations of the route, the flora and fauna here, and the staff who ask and answer various questions.

Continue up from Vernal Waterfall for about an hour to another waterfall, Nevada Fall.I was excited to listen to it, there was enough time for a day.The other three in the family said that they could stop and could not walk.

I thought I would have to walk for a long time, but after walking for a few minutes, I followed the steep slope in front of me and saw the Vernal waterfall that suddenly jumped into my eyes.This is really sudden, amazing.

Zooming in, I saw that I could enter the rocks under the waterfall, and I was so excited that I wanted to pull my family up with me.Finally, I went up and down alone, climbing and jumping to a flat rock very close to the waterfall.

The rainbow in front of you is the best gift.The sunlight is refracted by the mist, and it has such a shocking beauty.It's really not suitable for kids and a little afraid of heights.These are easier for me, maybe a good balance? I went down to the bottom of the waterfall to see it, and the water mist came in.


Standing on the rock, looking from a distance, I could vaguely see my husband facing me, holding a telephoto lens to shoot, conditioned reflexes were the same, all kinds of waving.Back where my husband was standing, haha, the camera was in the car, and he was looking at me with a telescope.Well, eye photography is more advanced.

In the aisle, which was less than two meters wide, where the children and the husband rested, squirrels wandered from time to time, near and far.

女儿想去Valley的问询处,博物馆看看介绍,坐shuttle bus到处走走。于是,我们下山前往下站。

Steller's Jay Dark-crowned Blue Raven, the blue jay he saw on the way up the mountain, went down the branches to play.

The cool mountain spring beside the road, yellow leaves floating down, early autumn quietly.

At the bottom of the mountain, there is a trail to Mirror Lake.

We took shuttle bus two stops back to the parking lot, then to the Valley information desk and the museum. Take a look at a topographic map in the museum.


The national parks in Canada and North that I have visited, when it comes to environment and history, all start with Native n tribes. The process of a civilization's development was interrupted, and then imagine if the natural development of such a civilization will be what scene, can only exist in the imagination.

At the Valley Visitor Centre & Museum, there are several different-looking birds perched on the branches outside.

Sitting in an air-conditioned bus for sightseeing, my daughter's choice was steady and comfortable.She insisted on not risking climbing under the waterfall, and I thought that the goal she had set for herself to study medicine might be right for her.The daughter considers comprehensively and steadily, and does not risk herself, which means that she will not risk the lives of others.She considered many factors, and the plan she came up with would be safe.

I think people need to break through, and they also need to extend the dimension of their lives.When faced with those choices, it takes unusual boldness and unique thinking.Maybe when the opportunity comes, my daughter will realize something.This is my idea, not that I am right.The daughter's way, she herself will go.

The mountain is called El Captain, and we look past El Captain Meadow.Family portraits taken with selfie sticks are so hilarious.To shoot the mountain in, the person with the selfie stick in his hand is like being shoehorned in, it's me.


E up the mountain opposite Captain

Tunnel view.



想起旁边营地一定有家庭成员过生日,大树间拉着”Happy Birthday ”的横幅。他们的篝火烧得很旺,原来是到营地周围找的树枝。先生纳闷,营地费用包括这些烧火的木头,怎么不见?回营地时,我询问了一家烧起篝火的,他们是到最近的加油站拿的。后来我想,那一定是买的,难道营地的树枝可以自己捡来当柴火烧吗?

Last year at the government-run campsite on Alaska Highway in Canada, the wood for the campfire was concentrated in a few places, not too extravagant.

Where the hell is the campfire wood? See the next episode of Day11, on the third and final day of Yosemite.