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Fairness: Fairness of opportunity rather than fairness of outcome

2023-02-28 04:31:19

The injustice that many people hate is that they don't get it.

Isn't it fair that six apples are divided among three people, two each?

Some people say that the apple size is different, unfair.

So, a glass of juice per person is fair?

Average is not fair.

Egalitarianism is an ineffective distribution that sometimes discourages those who work hard and encourages the lazy.

Sometimes efficiency is more important than fairness.

Where there is a difference, there is fairness. It's not fair that everyone in the unit pays the same salary.

Because we pay and contribution is not the same.

Is it fair for a person to be born in a remote farmer's home in the southwest and a person to be born in a rich businessman's home in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen?

Some people say that birth can not choose and unfair.

Social fairness is relative, not absolute.

It is objective to be born unequal. For example, everyone is different in birth, intelligence and appearance.

With insufficient resources and limited opportunities, it is simply impossible to achieve full equity.

Relative world, relative fairness.If there is light in the world, there will be darkness.

Fairness should be the fairness of opportunity, not the fairness of outcome.

Not hard work is fairly rewarded.You can decide only 5%, and the other 95% is determined by a combination of factors.


Suffering from inequality without suffering from poverty is a common disease of people.Many people feel like they are getting less, and anyone feels they deserve more.

Comparisons are a source of unfairness.


The unfairness that many people hate is actually that they don't get it.If you get it, it's fair.

The fairness of vested interests often represents the unfairness of those who do not receive.

To achieve real fairness, we should recognize the reality of relative fairness, strive for fair opportunities, cultivate our core competitiveness, and strive to obtain, rather than blame others.


Get Real Justice, take what you can and change what you can. The scales of fairness will tip in your favor, and the world will become more lovable.