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This collection of high-energy and God predicted the high score n drama, really suspense the welfare of film lovers

2023-02-28 04:31:14


Hello, everyone, welcome to“Dan Dan talk about film and television,” today to recommend a collection of high-energy, as well as God prophecy of high-score n drama suspense film“Suspect Tracking.”.

There are five seasons of this movie, all of which have ended, and you can't stop opening an episode.Li Si in the movie is a retired soldier with high martial arts, but for some reason he has fallen into a wandering position.One day, a rich man found Li Si and asked Li Si to work with him, what would he do to interfere with? It turned out that A House made an artificial intelligence for the government to monitor New York City citizens, and A House privately let the machine infer whether a homicide would occur according to big data, and sent him a case-related recognition social security number, informing him to save people, the suspense point is that A House does not know whether this social security number is the murderer or the victim, can only find a way to find out by himself, after finding out clearly, he has to save people, and he can't be busy at all, so he asked Li Si to help.Because the existence of this surveillance device cannot be exposed, they have to evade the pursuit of the police while doing tasks, and the rhythm is very tense and exciting.

The movie is realistic, logical and fast-paced, each episode seems to be a separate story, but in fact, there is a hidden main line, is around this mysterious machine. What's even more impressive is that the second year after the series started airing, the PRISM program of the United States to monitor the people was revealed. Some netizens even sorted out“Suspect tracking” to predict 16 things that would happen later, written by Jonathan, brother of director Nowland. Nowland, along with memento, the magic, and Interstellar, for that matter, shouldn't mystery fans be rushing into action?


This issue of "Dandan Talks About Film and Television" ends here, how do you feel about this suspense movie recommended today? Welcome to leave a message to discuss! For more film and television information, pay attention to Gongzhonghao (Dandan talks about film and television).