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Opened a cake shop

2023-02-28 04:31:09

The old locust tree said: "Grandpa Lin wants to eat cake, and we help him fulfill his wish, which is the first reason."


There is an old locust tree at the mouth of Wowo Village, which is more than 100 years old and has lush leaves, which is an auspicious tree in the village and blesses the villagers' happiness and well-being.

Old people in Wowo want their children to leave the village and live in the big cities. Later, one by one, the young people of Wowo village moved away and lived in the bustling city.

Now, only Grandpa Lin is left in the village. Grandpa Lin is ninety years old. He keeps a cow and a hen. He was the keeper of the village of Wowo, and had gone out early in the morning to see if the fruit in the field needed watering or if the trees on the hill needed pruning.

Grandpa Lin accidentally broke his leg when he went down the mountain, lying on the bed, and it took a long time to walk.

The hen boiled the egg and handed it to Grandpa Lin to eat.

The cow squeezed milk and served it to Grandpa Lin.

In order to thank them, Grandpa Lin told them stories every day.

One quiet and beautiful night, Grandpa Lin began to tell stories, she told the story of the old locust tree at the entrance of the village.

He said that the old locust tree is the true patron saint of the village of Vowo, and every May, the locust blossoms are full of branches, and the old locust tree asks for everyone's opinion, and he will provide what the villagers need, and help everyone realize their wishes.

"I hope you get better soon.The cow and the hen said in unison.

Grandpa Lin smiled gratifyingly.

In the evening, the sunlight faded a little, and Grandpa Lin said to himself: "Oh, I really want to eat a sweet and fragrant cake, but unfortunately there is no one here."”

The cows and hens heard it passing by the window, and they quietly discussed where to buy cake for Grandpa Lin.

“Let's ask the locust tree,” said the hen. “He may have a way.”

They went to ask the old locust tree, but the old locust tree did not answer.

The cow said, "Maybe the old locust tree has its ears behind and can't hear us."”

In May, the locust flowers open and the cows and hens receive invitations from the old locust trees to invite them as guests.

In the evening, cows and hens go to the feast.They circled around the old locust tree, saw a black door on the trunk, opened it and walked in.

Inside, it is brightly lit and lively, and the animals of Wowo Village are there.

Old Locust Tree, a tall, skinny grandfather, first welcomed everyone, and then said that he invited everyone to come this time to open a cake shop, hoping to make a little contribution.

Everyone is confused, we are happy to help whom, but where to start opening a cake shop?

The old locust tree said: "Grandpa Lin wants to eat cake, and we help him fulfill his wish, which is the first reason."”

"And what about the second reason?" The cow asked.

The old locust tree said somewhat guiltily: “Sorry Everybody, I did a wrong thing.”



"Then let them come back." Everyone said in unison.

“If we could take it back, there would be no“If.” But we can make up for it with cake,” the locust tree said meaningfully.

Everyone doesn't quite understand, but they all know that this is a good thing, and a good thing should be responded to positively.

Hens prepare eggs, cows squeeze milk, bees pick honey, rabbits pull out carrots, old locust trees add faintly fragrant locust flowers, and Sister Rainbow sends multicolored pigments.

The cake shop opened, bringing out the first fragrant cakes.

Grandpa Lin was very happy to eat the cake and said that he had eaten the taste of Wowo Village.He thought about his son, he thought about his grandson, how good it would be if they were there.

The locust tree smiled knowingly.



Fresh cakes are baked every day in the cake shop, and you can smell them from far, far away.