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"The Spirit of Chinese History" - full of Chinese scholars' "love through time and space"

2023-02-28 04:30:24


“Mr. Ch'ien Mu maintained a high level of respect for Chinese history and culture throughout his life, almost to the point of religious belief.”. This is the first sentence of the brief introduction of the book, and it is also the first sentence of the book that Mr. Wang has been able to maintain a high level of national self-confidence and pride at a time when he was suffering from displacement and displacement in a special historical period, have the courage to speak out patiently and carefully in a westernized and intense social and cultural atmosphere, and tirelessly interpret the necessity of studying Chinese history, and on that basis, the greatest impetus to forge a new national vision -- and I have to say, we still have a lot of work to do on that front. Therefore, Mr. Reading many years ago on the issue of insight and his related thinking, or today, has a special significance.



This book is full of a historian's love for the motherland and the people - the infectious power of enthusiasm generated by this love is enough to make people dialectically analyze the rendered-like distinction of "religious complex", and pay more attention to those parts that are very compatible with the common diseases and prescriptions of modern people, which is a rare masterpiece that points to the spiritual dilemma of modern Chinese.