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Is jadeite the water of choice? Or choose a color?

2023-02-28 04:29:49


Today, let's talk about a topic that has been controversial, whether jadeite should choose to plant water or choose color!

Has been a friend asked me to choose emerald in the end should choose green, or kind of water good? This question has been controversial for a long time. Why? Because the same price, color and kind of water is not all the choice. What most people can choose definitely needs to have a partial focus. Those who like color materials definitely don't like materials that only have water, and those who like water materials also can't accept that color materials are not water-smart, and when the water and color is good enough that everyone likes it, the price is unacceptable to most of us. You Can't have your cake and eat it, there's always a little helplessness, everyone has to choose. Say an inappropriate metaphor, this is like boys and girls, everyone likes the same, you can't Just Like Boys to belittle girls, the same can not like girls, belittle boys! If possible, then both boys and girls, this is not the pursuit of both children do not it? Jadeite is also so, not poor money, certainly is a kind of water color I want.

This piece of Buddha in picture 1 was seen in the market a few days ago, this color is not very spicy eyes, bright green is so eye-catching, listen to the seller said that the price is about 30, and then compare the water material of Figure 2, high ice glass bottom Buddha gong, the price of this Buddha gong is about 10,000, here we find that the Buddha gong of Zhongwan is much better than hundreds of thousands of Buddha gong seeding water, this sense of transparency is clear at a glance, but lacks the bright color of Figure 1.If you want to combine the two, if the water in Figure 2 is placed on Figure 1, a million is not too much, but that's only if.

When digging for goods, we often find some materials with characteristics, what is characteristics? Just like people's height, short, fat and thin, I like rich colors, I will choose good colors, I like water spirit, then go to choose water materials, we are just ordinary people, why must we pursue the ultimate in water and color? Besides, playing jadeite all day to play a variety, playing for a long time will be tired, there is no freshness, today choose a color one, tomorrow choose a good planting water, isn't this good? Every day there is a sense of freshness, the most important thing is to bring us physical and mental pleasure, that is enough, where there are so many controversies, there is that tangled time to choose two more goods, like which to choose, jewelry is only used to please themselves, not to embarrass themselves, too entangled will play uncomfortable.

Whether it is a kind of water material or color material, it has its value, jadeite flourished in the Qing Dynasty, at that time it was more popular to play color, basically do not look at planting water, you can search for jadeite cabbage in the Forbidden City, in fact, the material is very general, but its historical value is higher than the value of jadeite itself, the processing and polishing technology in that period is not as developed as it is now, especially in this aspect, it is impossible to do such an effect now, so even if it is a good water, it will not look good under that polishing process, And the color is really visible, until the end of the eighties and nineties of the last century, glass bracelets are not very valuable, tens of hundreds of dollars can take a glass bracelet, do you dare to believe? These things I listened to the seniors, here I will tell you, with the improvement of modern technology, and the improvement of people's aesthetics, the planting of water materials has been favored by everyone, including the later black chicken material, old oil green, etc., these materials were very worthless at the beginning, I once received a high-ice black chicken material for hundreds of dollars, but at that time, because there was no black chicken this statement, the market did not recognize this, so even if it was water spirit, the value at that time was not high, at that time in addition to green, purple, yellow red ( The value was not too high at first), other colors are not welcome, and now a hundred flowers are blooming, this is the progress of the times, people's aesthetic progress, people live in the present, about jewelry, my point is to like it, like something can bring us pleasure, this is the joy of playing jadeite in the beginning.Isn't spending money just to be happy? The most essential truth.Think about whether that's the case. Taojian has the fun of panning, collecting has the fun of collecting, having fun in it, it's good!

I am a Qin, an ordinary practitioner, take you to see some fun, real market.