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2022-12-20 Tuesday Drawdown 638.7 billion continues to fall unexpectedly

2023-02-28 04:29:34

14:20 integrated die-casting, yesterday rose sharply, today does not adjust with the market at all, with some continuity 14:21 a-shares only one way to make money: Down 2-3 weeks, technical collapse, the initial rebound, the first week, it's easier to make 5% .

In premarket trading, Tuesday may close with a cross-star after a one-way drop on Monday

: 圆弧顶,连续缩量 6天,周一 7551 亿,比上周五 缩量 100 亿,连续 4 根阴线 + 假阳线 下跌后,周一大阴线。昨天单边下跌,跌幅大,今天可能缓一缓。

The gap below, 11.28, is estimated to be filled.

: similar to the circular top of the Shanghai Composite Index, the fall is more in place. Has fallen to the 11.28 adjustment point below the Brin track.

Is it a buying point for an ETF today?

: Back to the low of 11.28, the bottom of the box, looks like a buy point for ETFs

: 类似走势,箱体底部,但 周一 资金大批流出,如果要来一波,困难比较大。

: Monday fell 5%, the largest decline, need to digest well, strong words, shock sideways, weak words, need to fall again.It will take at least a while to adjust.

: 10.14 Dayang (10%), after this period of continuous decline, has completely fallen.The walk is weaker.

: High oscillation, the upper part of the box, is relatively strong.Today rushed back down. If it is classified as a consumption sector, it goes much worse than consumption

走的比整车弱。今天上涨,但都是一天的行情。 这种情况下,不能期望太高。

: Thursday's performance was relatively strong, with one sun crossing multiple lines, breaking the 5-day and 10-day lines.The next day, the mid-shade, the market of the day.Today's rush back down, more active, but in front of the weakness of the broader market, the rebound is also weak.

There is a rebound that must be resolutely shipped.


Continuous 4 in the Yin line, small yang line, rebound weak. It continued to fall on Friday, wiping out gains and setting a new low.

: After 4 consecutive mid-black candlesticks, small white candlesticks, weak rebound.It continued to fall on Friday, taking down gains to new lows.

: the decline was too smooth, RSI 24 on Friday, and Wednesday's low was flat.

: It is also a very smooth fall, and there is no way to fight back.Near the previous low, the start point, RSI 25, and can fall.

:调整,微涨,比较强,向上趋势非常完整,仍然在 5日线上。

: Red, more favorable policies, platform shocks.

: Similar to the trend of the Shanghai Composite Index.Today it fell 2%, going straight down a step.

: Today down 3%, broken, the graphics are very ugly.Falling directly from the upper edge of the Bollinger band to the lower edge should bounce back a bit.



Monday, the overall market fell, the Shanghai composite index did not rebound throughout the day, a relatively large decline. Lithium ore, integrated die-casting, go relatively strong. But do not expect too high, resolutely according to the rebound processing, not the war.

Look at the market

10:00  数据确权,又是一波骗炮。 万物皆骗炮。

Software good last night, but was smashed, became an excuse for shipping, now go good plate, afraid of good

10:41 The index is at a low and the broader market begins to rally.The rebound was not matched by the broader market (index), and the rebound was not matched by hot spots, although the number of gainers prevailed.The loneliness of the rebound may also be the embryonic stage of the rebound.

The market is not in line with individual stocks these days. The Shanghai composite index fell 0.85 per cent, with the average share price falling 0.45 per cent.

Supply and marketing agencies rose the best, but only one board limit.

Brokerage, infrastructure, adjusted to 60-day averages.

10:50 Is there support for the 60-day moving average? Depends on the attitude of the candlestick.The moving average is the shadow of the candlestick.

The 5% gain was 44:102, the daily limit was 20:16

The main force outflow of 18.1 billion, continues to flow out relentlessly.  Treat it as weak rebound and hold on.

10:57 it's hard to make money now. The best way to do it is to wait. It used to be profitable for 10 years in a row, but not for three years. It's been tried again and again. It was not so disciplined before.

11:00 up-and-down ratio starts, falls, up-and-down ratio starts.

Several major indices, shaking at the lowest point of the day.Individual stocks have the desire to rebound, but the broader market, hot spots, do not agree, do not cooperate.

5% rose by 44:101, the daily limit was 20:16

主力流出 190 亿,非常稳定的流出。

At 11:30, the mood improved. The number of rising homes exceeded the number of falling ones. The rebound in wind power continues.

涨跌  2734:2116  , 5% 涨跌 52:81 ,  涨停  24:17

主力资金流出  221 亿

In the morning, the volume continued to shrink. This is the stage of the reorientation, and also the stage of the next stage of the rally. The current contraction means that supply is declining. If there is a panic, it will bottom out faster. If not, it may be a little longer

Since it is the stage of laying out the next round of rebound, there is no need to be pessimistic at present, the key is to choose the right direction, the wrong direction, everything is in vain.

13:07 Shanghai Composite Index's 60-day moving average of 3080,3079, has fallen below.

Sector, liquor fell relatively large, making up for the decline in previous days.

13:42 The broader market Shanghai Composite Index fell without looking back.The rising sectors also brought down.

13:50  上证指数继续新低。 崩溃是下跌, 3000 点保卫战,又要开始了吗 ?

Up or down 1606 - 3200 , 5% up or down 39 - 133 , up limit 23 - 25 ;

The number of gainers has been greatly reduced, and it has been brought down by the broader market.

The main force outflow of 29.6 billion.

Leading sectors: education and training, liquor, real estate, pharmaceutical business.

Red: wind power, supply and marketing cooperative, industrial mother machine

The decline did not increase the volume.

13:59 It's hard to fall for three weeks without rebounding.This is true for A shares, and the same is true for US stocks.The probability of a rebound next week is high.

Certainty is very high: 13-15 days after the fall, buy, the basic will not lose money.

Previous thinking, drop 5-8 days, will enter the market, such as 5% . Now, the equal probability of the higher certainty of the point.

So, the Nasdaq, open a position this Friday, take it calmly, and open it next Monday.

14:14 The probability of another big fall tomorrow is very small.The probability of getting out of the small candlestick is high. The deviation rate of tomorrow and the 5-day line is already relatively large, and the momentum to continue to kill sharply is not enough.But whether there is a strong counterattack, it is difficult to say.

14:20 integration die-casting, Rose yesterday, today does not adjust with the market, there is some continuity

14:21  A股只有一种赚钱套路了:

Down 2-3 weeks, technical collapse, early rebound, the first week, earn 5% , easier.

Analysis of the two most recent bounces:

For example, 10.12 was down 15 days.

10.19 high, adjustment for 2 weeks, strong yang counterattack, volume and price rise, the first 2-5 days can make money, later it will be difficult.

How to respond:

Control your positions. Most of the time small positions, at most 10% of the position.

Wait for Dayang to fight back, volume and price rise, and engage in a week.

This happens about 10 times a year.

A shares now test the ability to wait.

15:00 Continue to shrink today, shrinking to 640 billion, absolutely.

Contraction represents supply exhaustion, and once demand appears, it is about to rebound.Many people don't like adjustments, in fact, adjustments are not a bad thing, it is better than the stalemate a few days ago.

After the adjustment is completed, the opportunity comes, and here is the time for the next rebound of the layout

The Shanghai Composite Index Rose 12 days to a high of 3,211 at 2,022.12.5

Is the chance to bounce back