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Why laugh at a frog in a well

2023-02-28 04:28:59

Exhortation Everyone has his own well, but there are big and small.

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The origin of writing

Recently, I have been irritable with the complexity of work, and I feel that I have something I understand, I don't understand, I don't understand... When I was worried about my ignorance, somehow, a text I had learned in elementary school, "The Frog at the Bottom of the Well", suddenly flashed in my mind.Come to think of it, I think we should look at the frog and the turtle in a different way.

In fact, if you think about it, aren't we all frogs at the bottom of the well? Business, politics... They are just a little bit of understanding of their industry.The high-level ones know more than the low-level ones, but do the low-level ones know less than the high-level ones? Everyone has their own strengths, so why laugh?


The frog's insights are limited to a field the size of the well it is in and the mouth of the well it sees.It rejoices in the beauty of its place, the appearance of the turtle breaks the frog's love of the status quo, I think the turtle is ignorant, it is the frog that stays in the well.

The yoke of reality

Each person or thing has a limited ability, and even if it grows over time, it is limited and phased.

And how many stages can a person or thing have? I don't think the frog didn't jump out of the well to see the vast world outside the wellhead.But the well is too big and deep, it is too small, and even if there is such a thought, it is just a dream.If one day, the well collapses and it happens to be lucky not to be buried, I think it will jump out and see the world outside the well.But I think it's just jumping from one small well to another.

The Turtle's ignorance is that he doesn't know he's here in Taejǒng-ri.

Reality and the unknown

Almost everyone knows the world is infinite, but how big? The universe is vast, but how big? Isn't zero also a unit of measure? Before we know that molecules, ions, cells... Later, we learned that our understanding of the universe is just a guess.

Maybe we're just a cell or a bacterium in something we don't know.

But now, we can't jump out of the earth or enter the earth to see a different scenery than we are now.So, the well is just a web of countless crisscrossing lines, each laughing at each other for not seeing the scenery in his grid, not seeing the world.

We only see what we can see, but are these real? Or is it what we see? Do we really know what is in books and on TV? It's not just hearsay.

We exist in the well called "Shu", and we have not yet come to the well of "Dao".I think that only by breaking the barrier between the two wells of "Dao" and "Shu" can we jump out of the real well and see the scenery that the turtle sees.


Everyone has a well of his own, but some are big and some are small. If the well is big, maybe the head of the well is big and the sky you can see is big; if the well is small, the sky you can see is small. But as long as there is a chance, everyone will have their own feel the big well, now limited, like the frog before the encounter with a turtle to live is not a kind of happiness? I think that when we want to open our mouths and laugh at others, we should think more about the true meaning of“Frog in a well.”.