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The 7th Tips Class Meeting of Easy Effectiveness 207

2023-02-28 04:28:44

Exercise * organize your vision board and focus in omnifocus. * review your goals and easy-to-achieve goals for the week Gold medal tasks * refine the purpose, vision, and long-term goals and eight concerns in Omnifocus; * write weekly reviews to brief books to share with class groups; and our tips sessions

【易效能207期第七次锦囊班会】记录----吴琴 20180728#YY直播

7th class meeting on July 28th

Meeting time: Saturday, July 28, 2018, 06:00-07:10 a.m


Sub-channel: Easy Efficiency 207

Password: 0207

Participants: Easy Efficiency 207 all the students, coaching group (attendance statistics with feedback form)

Purpose of the conference: Learning the triangle of dreams and concerns, through the exploration of the topic of the four modernizations, understand the significance of tribal learning and tool application.

Meeting Process:

* 主持暖場 3分钟

: : record the minister's self-introduction for one minute

* 排麦大臣自我介绍 1分钟

: : Two Minutes for the Minister of time to introduce the rule

* 3 minutes for the class leader

* tips, theme sharing 20 minutes * 2

* “梦想”和“关注”一共20分钟

* The four modernizations took 20 minutes

* Participants practice sharing 2 minutes *6

* summary of the meeting for 2 minutes

* 3 minutes after the coach's meeting

* Total above: 67 minutes

* The host ends and assigns homework.(In the future, the homework will be directly texted to everyone.))

General Planning:-- Learning Department


Minister of time:-Cypress

Minister of Record:-Wu Qin

Minister of Sweeping Mai: --- Zhou Yihui

Minister of Question Collection: --- Department of Learning

1: Opening by the host (3 minutes)

[ host Li Juan ] good morning, all of you! If you can clearly hear my voice, please reply 1 for me. I am today's moderator, Li Juan, from the 13th group. I am very honored to be the moderator of this tip-off meeting. As usual, I would like to say hello to you first with the three-label, my first label is pay-as-you-go Startup Advisor and mentor, my second label is wealth management consultant, and my third label is life-long learning practitioner. My Dream is to become a better person and help more people achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship and wealth management. Time passed very quickly. Without realizing it, today was already our seventh tips meeting. We also learned a lot of landing methods and techniques from our coach before. We believe that everyone has different gains, but only master the methods and tools, if there is no higher vision, a clearer distance, it is difficult to achieve the life we want, so our theme for this session is the dream and focus part of the Learning Plan Triangle. Through quad topic exploration, understand the meaning of tribal learning and tool application, let us Down to Earth while, can also look up at the stars, follow our poetry and distance.

Before the theme begins, it is customary for our Minister of Service to meet with you, first of all, please ask today's Minister of Record Wu Qin, ask Wu Qin to go to the wheat, and the Minister of Row Wheat Zhou Yihui to prepare.

【Record Minister Wu Qin】Dear Yi Gong partners, good morning! I am today's Minister of Record Wu Qin, based in Hangzhou.My three labels: time management practitioner and lifelong learner; Erbao's mother, who loves life; Female accountant who likes to be alone.It is a great honor to serve the seventh class meeting of Class 207 today! 207, love together!

[Host Li Juan] Well, thank you Wu Qin for sharing, I have asked the Minister of Drainage Zhou Yihui to go to the wheat, and the Minister of Time Bailu to prepare.

[ Pai Mai Minister Zhou Yihui ] the host is good, everybody is good! My name is Zhou Yihui, I am from Ningbo, Zhejiang province. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my three labels, one, two baby mother two, accounting three, easy-to-effect practitioners and lifelong learners. My task today is to bring important information from this meeting to the bottom of the screen, where the order of wheat will be displayed. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you, thank you!

[ moderator Li Juan ] thanks to Yi Hui for sharing, please welcome the Minister of time.

[ time Lang cypress ] hello everyone, I am today's time Minister Cypress, please allow me to introduce myself first my three labels: easy efficiency practitioners; female accountants; baking enthusiasts. Now let me explain today's time rule:

1. First of all, the introduction session of each service minister, 4 minutes.I will ring the bell once in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.Knock three more times at the end.

2. The second part is the squad leader's report work, a total of 3 minutes, same as above, I will ring the bell once in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.Knock three more times at the end.

3. The third part is the coach sharing, 20 minutes each, and I'll ring the bell at 19. Three more knocks at the end.

4. Student Sharing Session: 12 minutes in total.Discretionary consideration based on the number of people. Everyone try to hurry.

5. The substitute coach will answer questions for three minutes, knock once every two and a half minutes, and knock three times at the end

6. The moderator summed up the questions for three minutes. Knock once every 21/2 minutes and finish three times

Please be aware of the above rules. Okay, that's all I have to say. Thank you!

[ moderator Li Juan ] well, thank you very much for your careful sharing and time-alert explanation. Thank you to the service ministers. We will now move on to the third segment of this meeting, shift leader do weekly work summary and report, so that we know the whole update of our class, please monitor Yang Liping on the wheat.

[ shift chief Yang Liping ] Hello, my name is Yang Liping. 1(landmark: Taizhou, three labels: Post-'80s Baby Mama; Outstanding Parent Practitioner; Office Clerk) is currently the 207 deputy class president.

2. Class introduction: Class Students 315 people, including 260 initial training, re-training 55 people. It is now divided into 25 groups with a total of 267 people. There is also a care group.

3. Today is the 42nd day of our practice: practice is the core of our 90 days, is a backbone, I will report the practice of getting up early to clock in: the practice gap between the groups is somewhat large.

1 did not submit the timecard situation in time. This practice for more than a month, there are more than 100 times there is no data, it can be said that an average of three groups every day is no score. Teacher Ye had said that it was better to be rigid first, then solidify and internalize, and finally optimize the changes. The practice of a class was for everyone to be more down-to-earth. The common rules were still expected of the team leaders to urge them to continue. If they really wanted to forget, you can also learn the effectiveness OF the use OF, record, remind up. In fact, every day before 11 o'clock is very sufficient.

(2) Look at the gap from the daily practice of the highest group.For example, the top group 1 had the highest daily practice score of 7.6 points, and the average remained between 6-7, which means something.As you know, our daily practice score is (number of check-ins additional points) / number of people 3 (before all 7 points), that reaches 6 points, each group member must be before 7 o'clock, each person has an average of two additional points, writing, morning meeting, weekly review, offline activities, listening to 100 lectures, sports.For individuals, it is not difficult to do two things a day, if you do a weekly review, you can reach 7 points, but why is the gap still so large, this is also one of the concepts of time management, you are persisting, you are doing it every day, you are insisting on the whole team.

4. We held a total of 6 morning meetings, today is the seventh morning meeting, the participation rate is still a little low, once I saw only forty or fifty, once it was more than 90, at most one-third.Last week's morning meeting of the groups: (it took two days for a deputy minister of learning) to collect information from 18 groups.Of the 18 groups, 15 met in the morning last week.In the available information, the average morning meeting of the group was 83 per cent.The average attendance rate was 56 per cent.Two congresses were held, and the atmosphere was getting better and better.Last time I was actively collecting everyone's suggestions and opinions, I recommend that you pay more attention to the information in the group, and label and label yourself for timely collection and categorization, or include it in Evernote.

5. Jianshu We have selected four issues, and 10 excellent Jianshu awards every week.There are many excellent members who share personally, and in the Jianshu album "Easy Performance 207 Hangzhou Class Love Together", a total of 112 articles are included, and 54 people follow.There are reading notes, easy-to-play learning records, learning insights, daily review, morning diary, weekly review, tips will be shared, tools will be used.You can see the actual movement of each different individual to Yi Efficacy and find a replicable way of behavior, I believe that you will be greatly inspired by it.

6. 财务上,奖励分是三块:优秀小组奖,每周前3名(100,80,50),每月前5名(150,120,100,80,60),简书奖励每周10名(第一名50,其他30元每人),每周贡献奖3人,30元每人,线下聚会每人60元经费支持,剩余就毕业典礼费用了。

7. Ongoing: The technical department is collecting technical problems.

8. Upcoming: Offline events.Ningbo has been held last week, this week is Hangzhou and Taizhou, early August is Wenzhou, other areas are still convening, interested people can also initiate.


接下来就是大家非常期待的锦囊分享的主题环节了,今天的第一个主题是关于梦想和关注的,开过车的人都知道,开车的时候是不能只盯着紧挨车头的那段路,而是要把视线往更前方去看,这样的话不仅可以让车的行驶路线开的很正,同时能够让我们第一时间知道前方的路况,从而快速准确的根据路况做出判断和调整。那易效能的践行也是一样的,在我们埋头践行的时候,也要时常去回顾一下我们当初的梦想和八大关注,回顾的同时去做一些加强 和调整。今天也很荣幸请到了一位非常资深的教练马央军教练来给我们分享她的心得,马教练是一位资深的语文教师,同时也是幸福家庭的公益讲师,如果大家有看过她照片的话,就会发现她是一位气质非常温婉、很知性的一位教练,也非常期待今天她的分享,接下来就用我们的鲜花和掌声有请我们的马央军教练,马教练请您上麦。

【Coach Ma Yangjun】

Three labels

1. Secondary language teachers

2. easy-to-perform lifelong practitioners

3. Happy family public welfare lecturer

Jack Ma said that dreams still have to exist, what if they come true! Teacher Ye Wubin told us: the dream must exist, and in the easy-performance system, it will definitely come true.



The picture is from the book App

Wang Xiaodo, a 146-year-old student, has seen his monthly income increase tenfold as a result of his industry transformation.

The picture is from the book App

What Liang Wei, a 17th batch of trainees, did not dare to think about before, but now it happened one after another.


I'm going to share it with you today in three sections:

1. Dream and focus

2. Dream Board


(1) dreams and concerns

What is a dream?

David Allen defines it this way in "Get it 3":

The picture is from the book App


40,000 meters in the air is a vision, an ideal blueprint, what kind of picture will go in the next five years.

30,000 meters in the air is the goal, which is a specific target that has time requirements in 1 to 2 years.

20,000 meters in the air is the level of attention, and the dimensions to pay attention to in a year are the eight major concerns.


Health, family, effectiveness, learning, career, wealth, socializing, leisure (or intimacy).

The highest dimension of dreams is the purpose of life, how do we find our purpose in life? Here are 2 recommended methods:

1. Start with the end.

When we are old, or a hundred years later, on the tombstone or in our own descendants, how others evaluate ourselves.Start with the end and think about what kind of person you eventually become and what kind of person you live.

2. The intersection of three circles.


Dr. Taylor Ben Shahar of Harvard University concluded that a person's success is produced by the overlapping parts of the three factors of "happiness, strength, and meaning."Because doing something will only last when we feel happy, desire and pressure can not make us continue to act and grow, and when we can continue to do something happily, we can build our own advantages in this matter, with advantages, you can also carry a sense of mission, use your advantages to serve others, to do a more meaningful existence for others and society, then your happiness and success will become greater.



Yi Cheng has a consummation artifact, the dream board, and many students have realized their dreams with this artifact.

Share Ye's Dream Board for 2017 and 2018.

The picture is from the book App

Image from Jianshu App

How to make a dream edition

Image from Jianshu App

The first one is to collect your dreams.

Whatever you have, whether you know how to do it or not, use Brainstorming to collect 50-100 things from your brain that you want to do.

The second step is to sort and build the dream warehouse.

Dreams come from your own attention.

We can first classify according to the eight major concerns mentioned by Mr. Ye, learning is a process of first rigidity, then solidification, and then optimization.

These eight major concerns, it is best to reflect first, give each aspect a score, if last year was particularly satisfied with the score of 10, especially dissatisfied with the score of 0.This result should be saved by yourself, and when you summarize it in 2018, you can compare it, since the practice of easy efficiency time management, has your eight major concerns and satisfaction improved, and how much has it improved? What happened during this period? Constantly reflect and improve.

The third step is to make a list of your dreams and make a selection. We need to compare priorities and determine what is important to you.


How to choose the focus? Among all the things listed, you can ask yourself, if I do one thing this year, will this thing affect me the most?

In the face of choice, many people have anxiety and difficulty, very entangled, what is the reason? It is too much to want, too much to want, may not do anything, because time is limited, you spread your time and energy on it, you must not do a good job.So I hope you evaluate what the positive meaning behind everything is for the dimension of life.

The mistake of time management is to get everything done and do more. It's impossible. So you have to sort, you have to prioritize, you have to subtract.

Eight major concerns, generally set 1-3 goals for each focus.

The fourth step is to think graphically. Most of the easy-to-use dream boards are done with powerpoint.

Image from Jianshu App

You can follow Teacher Ye's template and do it yourself.It can also be made into a list type, picture type, you can use the tick target nine-square grid to fill in the blanks, it is very convenient, everyone according to their own preferences.If you really don't know much about software, find a piece of paper to make your dream board.Must start, rotten start, good results; No start, no result.


The dream board is really a dream realization artifact!

We better set our own dream board as a mobile phone screensaver, and every time we open our mobile phone, we connect with our dreams once, which will be especially joyful and energetic.

With dreams, if there is no action, it can only be a dream.

Next, let's talk about how dreams come to fruition.

(3) the dream falls to the ground

Move downwards, break down projects, calendars, lists, and make dreams come true.

We start from the eight concerns of a year, to find the goal, up to the mission and vision, summed up the purpose of life, and then from the purpose as the starting point, expanded to the mission and vision, goals, eight concerns, by breaking down into action system items, calendars, checklists.

Image from Jianshu App

The picture is from the book App

That's all for today's explanation, a brief review.

I shared with you from three sections:

The first section is dreams and concerns, we need to find the purpose of life, find the success factor;

The second section is the production of dream boards: collecting dreams, building dream warehouses, making dream lists, and visualizing thinking;

The third section is how to implement dreams, act downward, break down projects, calendars, lists, and make dreams come true.

No matter how good the theory of time management, if we do not through their own practical experience into their own time management wisdom, the final result will be -- knowledge is still knowledge, life is still life, no good theory can guide us to the reality of work and life.

So listen to me how many times, it is better to act once. Bad start, good result.

A Life of Dreams is a life of beauty.

The picture is from the book App

Invite everyone to make their own dream board next week, post it, shout glorious, sullen shame, dream to say out loud.

【Host Li Juan】Thank you very much for the sharing of Coach Ma, I benefited a lot, flowers and applause were sent to you.The eight major concerns are our beacons and compasses for our long journey, and dreams are all the source of energy for us to move forward, I believe that after the detailed sharing and analysis of Coach Ma today, each of our students can better practice their own concerns and dreams, do not forget their original intention, and set it consistently.Once again, thank you Coach Ma for your wonderful sharing, thank you.

Next is our second topic today, the four modernizations of learning, what is the four modernizations? Each of us will encounter various problems in our work and life, some are simple and some are complex, and the four modernizations are a systematic way to deal with this series of problems, is to simplify, repeat, Tool and circle, if you learn the essence of the four modernizations, you will have open hang life. Today's guest to share this topic is the well-known he guoqing coach. He is an MBA from the United States, a phd from Renmin University of China, and a senior coach certified in easy performance. He is also a Jane Eyre certified running coach, at the same time, he is also an NLP international executive. He is very wise and humorous. He is gentle and gentle. I believe that everyone can not wait to welcome coach He. Next, everyone, please prepare flowers and applause. Please welcome coach he on National Day, coach he asks you to serve the wheat.

【Coach of National Day】

Three labels

1. American MBA Ph.D

2. Easy Performance Certified Coach Jane Eyre Running Method Certified Coach

3.NLP international executive


Make complex problems simple, simple problems repeated, repeated things instrumentalized, and instrumentalized things.The group leader exchanged his understanding of the "four modernizations", simplification (recording decomposing goals), repetition (setting repeated reminders), instrumentalization (liberating the brain, reliable system), and circle (tribal learning) You can have an in-depth discussion on the most rewarding points, how to combine "Tao, art, and instrument" to use it as a wonder.

Our topic today is the four modernizations, and this four modernizations do not know that everyone can express it? In fact, when I first came into contact with the “Four modernizations”, I was most impressed by the fact that when I was a child, our country was going to achieve Four Modernizations. There was a song, “Let's meet again in another 20 years. The glory belongs to the new generation of the 1980s.”. The stars have changed. Now, our country has become a rich and powerful country. It will be one generation after another. The Chinese nation has risen in the forest of the world. This is also a change of the times. So what we're talking about today is the four modernizations of our effectiveness, that is: the repetition of simple questions, the instrumentalization of repetitive things, the instrumentalization of things in circles? Simplification is the breaking down of records and goals; repetition is the setting of repeated reminders; instrumentalization further liberates the brain through our learning systems; and looping is tribalization, learning and socializing. Lin Jian coach is also through this four modernizations, let him from excellent to excellent, become our easy efficiency inside, the global influential well-known coach.

First, simplification. The complexity of the problem is simplified, which tells a short story, saying that Columbus completed a trip around the world, held a drinking party for the upper class, and after the gathering, some people chirped sourly: "You are also great?" It's just a little more sailing.Columbus: "Who can put that egg on the table?" "It's not easy? Many people stand on their left and right.Columbus knocked the hard-boiled egg and stood up steadily.The big guy was stunned, so simple to stand up? Everything simple is efficient.This story may seem simple, but it can give us the best inspiration, that is, should we explore whether there is a simpler solution? When starting to do work, we must first use our brains to think about whether this matter can be carried out in a simpler way, instead of rushing to do it, and we cannot solve the problem after being busy for half a day.Teacher Ye also said during the class: "If you feel that this matter is very troublesome to do, then he must have a simpler way, the method you are looking for has already existed in this world, you just need to find it."In fact, learning to simplify things is a kind of great wisdom, the road to simplicity.The three questions we often say in Easy Efficacy can simplify many complex problems.In October this year, Mr. Ye brought easy-to-perform iron powder to the Philippines to dive, and in the process of diving, the diving instructor made a systematic arrangement for diving, from which Mr. Ye extracted a sentence: "Any complex thing in the world can become simple one plus one.""Big goals are divided into small goals, and complex problems are simplified.The three questions are: The first thing is to ask yourself whether you want to do it? yes or no? If yes, what is the result of what we are going to do? We expect a result to be concrete, vivid, visual, and visual.If you want such a result, how do you solve it? Then we'll take the next step.For example, some time ago, everyone reacted to punching the screen and causing the screen to be brushed, which is relatively complicated.Jinxin asked about the whale check-in, the group price is 5000 , the individual price is 2000 , and the cost performance is too low.Then I tried Jian Daoyun again, started the trial in a group, and today began to implement it in the whole class.This process is also a typical three questions, simplifying complex problems and then the next step In fact, 99.99999999% of the things in our lives have nothing to do with our ultimate goal.Let's simplify through subtraction, let's focus our energy to achieve our dreams.  Just do it dreams and floating clouds.

The second repetition in life takes a period of accumulation to form, need to be constantly repeated, I often like to say, water drops and stones, just mentioned by Coach Lin perseverance.The power of dripping water through stones is a continuous force.There is a book called Micro Habits. Our habit is between 26 and 256 days.For example, if we nail a wall with three hammers, the nail will not fall down, but when hanging a heavy object, it may fall off with a slight touch.You knock a nail a hundred times in a row.4/5 of a nail is in the wall, and it doesn't matter if it's hanging heavy objects.So the power of continuity. Simple problem repetition is what we call slow and far.Here we are asked to focus on our problems and repeat them over and over again.Reflecting on my coaching career for more than a year, my software applications are not particularly good, such asof learning that needs to be repeated, because it is not commonly used, so it has been forgotten when others ask.of and camera5 are the software that we must learn in the first order of easy performance, and we have to practice and repeat them every day.Then open of at least four times a day, and put of on the first screen to repeat.We have a book called Deliberate Practice.There is the 10,000-hour rule in it, which is that we break out of our comfort zone.Enter a study area. Instead of entering into our fears.Constant practice in the study area, plus the guidance of the instructor.It will do more with less. A super musician who plays at the Vienna Konzerthaus.In an interview, they said that they did not practice from morning to night every day.They concentrate when they are most energetic.At the best of emotions. Practice for one to two hours when the environment is at its best.Practice every day to better train yourself.Simple questions, repetition is a continuous cycle.For example, clocking in for running fitness, such things can be put in the repeating of of.Running three kilometers has been recorded, and what is not done is the list you have to complete.We say that elites are all checklists.App manifests are also good practice.

The fourth movement

Third, instrumentalization. Coach Li Shuang gave us a good demonstration here, and she clocked in for more than a thousand days continuously.With the help of tools, not only can you check in, but you can also spread the word.Here to share that my wife once went to my company to help me withdraw a sum of money.A new employee, unaware of the relationship between the two of us, so the employee asks you how to prove that you have the right to take this money? So my wife pulled up our marriage license from Evernote.This is what we learned from Yi Gong, to put our stuff in impression notes.The biggest feature of Yi Zhi is that the theory of time management is put into practice.If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.Through the use of tools. We redefined the cost of time.Improved performance. It has changed the way we used to live.Emptied the brain. Make your life more balanced.The invention of the steam engine ushered in the industrial age.The United States is a country on wheels, and they invented the automobile.Then our information superhighway is revolutionary again.When we went to the United States during the Spring Festival, they were still stuck in the era of cash and credit cards.This is the meaning of the existence of our technical group, that is, to use screen recording to solve everyone's software problems.Cloud sharing increases everyone's productivity.

Of loaning  guhaoxiang

第四圈子化 拍拍身边小伙伴的肩膀,没有相欠,哪有相见?易效能不仅仅是线下的两天,还要我们 90 天的陪伴。像我们勇荣 马天翼教练两年多他们组还 在聚会。善用时间,这本书里最打动我的就是他们不断的开小组会,并且在大峡谷里开小组会。透过我们这种社群化的学习,可以让大家不断的碰撞。一个人可以走得很快,一群人可以走得更远。同频共振,产生的能量是不一样的。比如我们现在用这个陪你跑的小软件,希望大家可以很快用起来。玩在易效能,泡在易效能,爱在易效能不知不觉你就会发生变化。 简单的问题重复化,重复的事情工具化,工具化的事情圈子化,视频,同频共振 半马,早睡打卡。

The four modernizations are the basic way that our easy efficiency runs. I not only use the four modernizations in my life, but also in my work, to achieve the revolution of a system of rotation. We are efficient at the same time let me get the physical and mental liberation to do better myself. Hope that 207 partners with the help of easy efficiency of the system to constantly upgrade themselves, Polish themselves. From Harry to Ferrari, to influence more people. Let more people come to easy efficiency to improve efficiency. Increase our happiness. There is a sentence I like: Happiness is a direction on the road.

【Host Li Juan】Thank you very much for Coach He's sharing, every time you listen to his sharing, you can learn new perspectives, I feel that Coach He is like a thick book, there is a lot of wisdom hidden in it, every time you listen, every learning can gain different knowledge, bring yourself different inspiration, can't help but look forward to the future Coach He will bring us what kind of surprises.Complex things are simplified, simple things are done repeatedly, repetitive things are instrumentalized, instrumentalized things are circled, do you remember it? Well, thank you again for Coach He's wonderful sharing, thank you!

After listening to the breakfast feast brought to us by Coach Ma and Coach He, we also prepared desserts for everyone, so that everyone can better combine their own practice.Next, we will enter the sharing session of our outstanding students, each of them has achieved different gains through the short practice in the past, and then we first ask the first sharing student, Zhou Ying from Group 11, and the next Ning Linbin to prepare.

【11 groups of Zhou Ying sharing】Hello easy performance friends, I am from Fuzhou, blessed state.Today I will share the gains after participating in Easy Efficacy: 1. The work and rest time has changed, because of work reasons, you can get up early, but you can't go to bed early, Teacher Ye said that 10 o'clock do not sleep without face, 12 o'clock do not sleep do not die, so recently can basically control early sleep, but also affect the family early to go to bed and get up early; 2. Software learning, due to their own weak foundation, software applications are not yet proficient, but now they can include daily things in OF, with Siri set reminders, can complete daily things, the harvest is great.Other software slowly fumbled behind.3. The power of the team: It is difficult for one person to stick to one thing, and a group of people can go far together.Our 11 groups of friends came from all over the country and became a loving family.Everyone in our 11 groups saw the positivity and they were all very upward.I think that in what kind of environment will create what kind of people, through them see their own shortcomings, but also contact with things that they have never touched, thank the 11 group for the strength that brings me.


First, I would like to share with you the 40-day experience: Health: Get Up early every day, exercise for half an hour, foot soak good habits, especially since I started running -- I haven't run in almost 20 years in my memory -- and now I'm basically running three times a week. Career: the project of Hunan Province Education Planning was successfully established, and the project of guiding students to start their own business entered the provincial contest. Family: 1, bought a label machine, storage box to open the easy efficiency of space to build; 2, will be every Saturday for parents and children off the Internet to accompany the child, every Sunday for Family Day family outing; 3. Keep an impression journal of your child's development. Study 1, every day doctoral thesis report 4 Tomato Clock, the last two weeks every day to reach 8 tomato clock 2, every day oral English practice 30 minutes 3, listen to a book every day. Wealth: every income and expenditure is recorded. Interpersonal aspect: to share the learning experience of easy efficiency with relatives and friends, several relatives and friends from attending online classes to enroll in offline classes. Efficiency: 1, open the day three self-examination mode: wake up early morning diary, Noon Meditation, bedtime review; once a week, monthly review. 2. Make your phd into a project and type it all into omnifocus. 3. Basically put everything on your calendar, list, and empty your inbox and past every day. Leisure: Go Shopping at least once a week, see a movie 1.

Secondly, reflection 1, early bedtime is not good enough, half of the days at about 11 o'clock at night to sleep; 2. The information power has only partially sorted out the address book, and the albums and notes have not been organized; 3. The space finishing work has not been completed because of the hot weather.These are all my next steps.

Finally, thanks easy efficiency let me meet so many excellent colleagues, meet high-quality lifestyle, wish we in easy efficiency family constantly improve, live your dream! Thank you!


Finally, with a small advertisement, next Saturday, friends in Shanghai can come to the time management offline sharing session we organized, the theme is Evernote's introductory advanced sharing, and the speech theme "Get an inch forward", shared by an excellent fat speaker.

Ok, first of all, thank you.I wish you all a brilliant life.

【22 groups of Li Peizhen share】Three tags: fashion communicator who has focused on women's wear design for 20 years; mom of two girls; A literary young woman who loves to travel.Learning time management and 22 groups of friends practiced for more than a month, my personal biggest gain is: early time management, insist on getting up early to clock in for 43 days without interruption; Write a morning diary every day and self-reflect; Plan to eat three frogs today; Study for an hour, let go of anxiety, and start from your heart.The use of easy-to-perform tools is also very good, using YY live broadcast to hold remote meetings; The new team also started prioritizing daily tasks, completing three frogs a day.So when my state changes, not only affecting the team, but also affecting the relatives and friends around me, I like my current state and full of energy every day.Success is not fame, starting a family, success is becoming what you like.Thank you Yi Effectiveness, thank you for the company of 22 groups of friends, you let me grow, let me change, thank you!


Next, we have asked our head coach Ni Yongrong to make a meeting summary for this meeting, Coach Yongrong, please go to Mai.

【Coach Ni Yongrong】Thank you for the sharing, thank you for the tips of the two coaches, and hope that the friends can think about the essence of these two tips after the meeting.Learning the four modernizations well can solve more than 90% of the things in our lives, and many things can be solved through these four steps.Easy efficacy is actually to change a concept and open up a vision.Every time we have a meeting, we are a gas station that we practice, and we look forward to more students joining in.

【Host Li Juan】Thank you very much for the summary of Coach Yong Rong, Coach Yong Rong has put a lot of energy into the 207 class, I have always been very moved, here please allow me also on behalf of all the students of our class 207, thank you Coach Yong Rong and our coaching team, thank you Coach Ma Yangjun and Coach He Guoqing for sharing, and thank you again for all the class committee and students who have paid silently for our class and this meeting, thank you.

【Current Assignment】

Practice deliberately

* Sort out your dream board and attention, put it in Omnifocus;

* Review the achievement of personal goals and easy-performance goals for the week;

Gold Medal Quest

* Refine the purpose, vision and long-term goals and eight concerns in Omnifocus;

: : Writing weekly reviews to brief books to share with class groups;

Our tips will officially end here, thank you for your participation, 207, love together, we become a better self together, next Saturday morning remember to see you in room 207!