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[100 people, 100 days and 100 refining] Day82-Reflection and Gratitude of Life Conference (15)

2023-02-28 04:27:49


At half past two this afternoon, my life conference was finally held.

To be honest, it was a bit like catching a duck, but I managed to do it smoothly.

In the process of developing the conference, the three-year-old daughter has been making trouble next to her, I don't know if it is because she is too sleepy and wants to sleep?

Today I really thank Xu Lu, Adu, Wanruo, Renjie, Sister Hong Ying, Junlan and other partners for their support, and have been accompanying me throughout my life conference.It makes me feel like I'm not alone in a one-man show!



01 Work



Early in the morning, the mother-in-law came out of the village to buy ducks and kill them just to save some money.

All day, at home with my daughter, the chick is quite noisy today, especially when I have a life conference, I have been making trouble on the side, and I tore my manuscript in a fit of anger, which can make me angry.However, blame me for not seriously accompanying her.

03 learning

The Blue Heart Course and the one-word course are not finished yet, and they accumulate more and more, which leads to anxiety.

04 health and exercise

Everything is OK with the body! At least on the surface.

I haven't run for more than a month, I feel the swimming circle is back.


These days are more stressful.


Yesterday and her daughter in the kindergarten boss talked for a long time, are talking about some of the traditional culture understanding and views, have met bosom friend feeling.

Everyone knows that President Xi's Chinese dream is to realize the revival of traditional culture.Since then, the classics of Chinese Studies will be more and more recognized and accepted by students and students' parents.The revival of traditional culture is imperative.

Today, the boss came back from Nanning and asked me to go to their house for dinner and talk about the classics of Chinese culture by the way.Because in a few days, Wang Junkai will go to our place to give lectures.I really wanted to listen to it, but I was struggling to go to work, so I asked my boss to contact the government, hoping to organize cadres to participate.

And the director of the party and government office is invited tonight. It looks promising!

I enjoyed my dinner. My daughter sat beside the director and ate obediently, and the director was as patient with her as he was with his own children, better than I was with her. To meet such a good kindergarten and teachers, is really the luck of the son Yu.

Third, reflect

Jobs are always stuck points.

4. Gratitude

First of all, I am grateful to my parents-in-law for their dedication to the family.

Thanks again to Xu Lu, A-do, Prajna, Renjie, Hongying, Junlan Jie, Hai Lan Lan and others for supporting me in my life press conference!

I am grateful to Mr. Wu Naifei for his invitation and for his support and contribution to his hometown.