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After receiving the judgment in favor of the lawsuit...

2023-02-28 04:27:29


Last week, I received a civil judgment on a property dispute.

This case originally we are the defendant, after receiving this case, after the analysis of the case, I think our chances of winning the case are not great.

I informed my client of the risks and had her sign a written risk statement.

But the verdict was out of my expectation. As a result, the defendant I represented won the case, and the court rejected the plaintiff's claim.

Because of YQ, this case has also dragged on for a long time, and the verdict was only handed down last week.

As soon as the verdict was received, the opposing lawyer called and asked the two parties to mediate again.

I think it is unlikely that the two sides will mediate again after the judgment is issued,

Because before this, before the judgment was handed down, I had also repeatedly approached the opposing lawyer to hope for a negotiated settlement.


Now that the judgment has been handed down and the winner or loser has been decided, the cost of mediation at this time has greatly increased the cost of mediation for the plaintiff who has lost the case.

But in the spirit of being responsible for the parties, I still called my party and conveyed the meaning of the other party.

But when our client, the defendant, heard the other party's willingness to mediate now, he was very emotional,

"I did something earlier, but now I won, but he wanted to mediate, and he didn't want to ask him to mediate.”

Fortunately, she said calmly: think about it.

Promised to consult with the family before making a decision.