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I can't understand the series as a child: In Cat and Mouse, Tom poured all his love and failed to get the favor of the white cat

2023-02-28 04:27:24

This is indeed a very real problem, the white cat wants to make their life better, the pursuit of a perfect material life, the black cat and the Tom cat are for love and pay, the mad pigeon feels that in fact, no matter the white cat, the black cat, the Tom cat's attitude to love is not wrong, but Tom is wrong in the blindness, self-determination, humility of love.


Hello everyone, I Am Crazy Pigeon, the theme of this original works is




I don't know the meaning of the song at first hearing, and then I am already the person in the song

When I saw and watched this episode as a child, I just thought it was funny, in addition to being funny, right

Since the white cat met the black cat, he has consciously distanced himself from Tom, including sending her with the black cat later


There are too many "Toms" in real life, always feel that love will be like in idol dramas and fairy tales, for the beloved to give everything to get each other's favor, but after all, it is written with a pen, there are very few in real life, girls want to live a better material life I think there is nothing wrong, if the real "Tom" man really wants to have the longing for love, that

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