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Sincere trust, never outdated (Wharton Chapter 11 Reading Notes)

2023-02-28 04:27:19

02. Truly understand the other person and ask more questions" The main point is: don't assume that you know the other person's thoughts, ask more questions, and the other person's answer may surprise you.

Some time ago, “I went back to the village for three days, and second uncle cured my mental infighting” hit the hot searches. The first time I read it, I was very touched. Immediately after that, several hot searches suspected that the video's author was lying. Yesterday, I saw the video response of the author of second uncle which lasted for 40 minutes. I always choose to trust, never doubt, because good copy can rely on skills, but the author of the second uncle's love and sincerity is from the heart, only heart can feel.


Chapter 11 of the The Wharton School's most popular negotiation course focuses on interpersonal negotiation in a comprehensive way, provided that there is also sincerity and trust, or nothing can be accomplished.



Praise others from the bottom of your heart.


Praising others is always a quality worth having, but it's not an ability, it's an emotion, a genuine feeling that you find something good in them and are willing to express it to them or others. As long as it comes from the heart and love, even if the shy person can not say it, but the heart has this kindness, in casual words, in daily actions can also be permeated, the other party can feel.

02. Truly understand each other and ask more questions

“The point is not to assume you know what the other person is thinking, but to ask more questions and the answer may surprise you”-The Wharton School 11

Asking questions will not only help you get to know the other person, but in many cases, help you solve the problem.When dealing with people, understand who the other person really is, not superficial identity, status, age, gender, etc.It is undoubtedly important to understand what the other person thinks and really needs, which is the prerequisite for maintaining a long-term and sincere relationship.

Learn to ask questions, don't take for granted your own or other people's needs, keep trying, keep asking questions.

For example, when parents meet a child who wants a pet, many children are really quite persistent. At this time, it is obvious that direct rejection by parents is no longer effective. You can try to ask questions, so who feeds him? who bathes him? Who cleans his house? Who takes him to the vet when he's sick? Who keeps him company, perhaps a child will give up when asked the fourth question.

Honesty and trust never make mistakes

"Trust is the foundation of all relationships.This means that lying to the other person jeopardizes the entire relationship.It also means that telling bad news out strengthens the relationship.For many, this is counterintuitive.But in fact, people know that the world is not perfect.They hate when others cover up the truth or are full of lies.—Chapter 11 of Wharton's most popular negotiation course

Be sincere before you start a relationship, and trust when you experience one. Being skeptical before a relationship is the most toxic and disrespectful to yourself and others, and being skeptical during a relationship is the most cruel and hurtful to yourself and others. Doubt doesn't have to start, distrust can end right away.

Learn to treat yourself sincerely, it is possible to treat others sincerely, learn to trust themselves, it is possible to trust others. Only the complete sincerity trusts oneself can possibly begin to trust others more sincerely, can obtain more others' trust.

Sincerity and trust are the greatest gifts a person can give himself in life. If he can do that, he will live a life surrounded by love.

One can not gain the trust of others with cleverness, even if one succeeds for a while. Sincerely, even if a misunderstanding or even a lifetime can not be resolved, but the soul of one will know.

Love and trust never go out of style, love and sincerity never end.