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Paint a green leaf for life that never withers

2023-02-28 04:26:54

Qing The famous American writer O'Henry told a story in his novel "The Last Leaf": In the hospital room, a dying patient saw a tree outside the window from the room, falling one by one in the autumn breeze.

As long as there is hope, will see a miracle, even if the hope is very slim, but also in the depths of the heart to plant a hope of the seeds, and then persist. One day it will take root, sprout, blossom and bear fruit in your heart.


In his novel“The last leaf,” the famous American writer Henry O tells the story of a dying patient in a hospital room who looks out of the window at a tree, in the autumn wind fall down piece by piece. The patient looked at the Xiao Xiao leaves in front of him, and his body went from bad to worse day by day. “When all the leaves fall off, I will die,” she said. An old painter drew a green leaf with a colored brush and hung it on a branch. The last leaf never fell off. It was with this green leaf that the patient miraculously survived.



There are many things to lose in life, but you cannot lose hope, you cannot lose the courage to face the tribulations of life again.Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, we should not give up lightly.


When the storm comes, please try to hold up a big umbrella of hope for yourself, hold on, hold on again, because the sun always after the storm.

Riding the wind and waves will sometimes hang directly on the clouds and sails to the sea.Painting a green leaf for life that never withers will eventually lead to life.

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