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2023-02-28 04:26:49

He Ming knew that his father was a man who could not stay idle. He had spent his whole life dealing with the rough and rugged garbage. No matter whether he was at home or in the fields, as long as he had work in his hands, he would be full of energy.

Since He Ming brought his father from his hometown, the old man has been unhappy, and He Ming is also very unhappy.

During the day, the adults and children in the family went to work and school, and the old man was at home alone with his brows locked, either walking around anxiously, or sitting on the sofa and sighing.

He Ming knew that his father was an idle person, who had dealt with dirt and garbage all his life, whether at home or in the field, as long as he had work in his hands, he would be alive, and his body seemed to have endless strength.As soon as I am idle, I feel uncomfortable.Even when the farm is idle, my father will not rest, today he will cut some wattle and weave baskets, and tomorrow he will find sorghum and brooms.

Although he knew his father's itch, He Ming couldn't scratch him.It was difficult to find even an inch of mud in the city, and there was no land for my father to cultivate, and there were no wattle sticks to weave baskets and sorghum for brooms.


He Ming said, “They said that we can't choose by water or machine. We can only choose by hand.” His father puffed out his chest and said, “No problem! In the past, we used to select seeds by hand. You tell them that I promise to do a good job.”

When He Ming returned home the next day, his father placed a bag of selected rice seeds in front of him.He Ming grabbed a handful and saw that the grain was large and full, and nodded and praised busily.The father was very proud, and took out a small bag of deflated rice, crushed rice, tares and grass silk for his son to see.He Ming said: "These cannot be thrown away, and the agricultural science institute must recycle them.""What else can these be used for?" "I don't know, that's what people say.”

Since then, he Ming will take out a bag of rice every day for his father to select seeds, and then the selected rice seeds together with waste material recovery. Every few days, he Ming took out 200 dollars to his father said that the agricultural sciences pay wages. Father grinned: “There is money Ah, there is work is good.” He Ming also bought for his father sieve, Dustpan and Dustpan Small Dustpan, used as a selection of work tools. My father was like a different man, full of spirit.

That night, his wife went into the kitchen to get something, and saw He Ming pouring a small bag of leftovers into the bag of rice seeds he had selected earlier, and then stirred it vigorously, "What are you doing?" He Ming immediately made a few vocal gestures and pointed to his father's room.

The wife smiled: "Okay, husband, I really have you!" ”