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The new mobile phone vivo X90 Pro use experience, and the old mobile phone Huawei Mate 40 Pro, what is the difference?

2023-02-28 04:26:39

mate40 pro拍摄五、手机系统使用方面由华为的鸿蒙系统,改成vivo的Origin OS3刚开始,很不习惯,虽然流畅度没说的。

The new phone was finally acquired the day before yesterday, Vivo X90 Pro 12G 512G Huaxia Red.

This purchase twists and turns, bought two times from Taobao, both times to give up the purchase, to the final offline purchase, lasting 20 days. I ended up with the mate40 pro in Huawei, where I've been for more than two years

A replacement was completed. After two charges, let me talk about the feeling of use.

First, one-click change, really convenient.

At first, I was worried before changing the phone, because it was the first time to use a vivo phone, and I was worried that some of my original application software could not be imported.As a result, vivo has a mutual transfer, which can realize one-click replacement.Because it is two different mobile phone systems, one is vivo's system and the other is Huawei's Hongmeng system.So the import is completed in two times, the first time to import all the information and software except WeChat, the process is completed quickly, and the second time to import WeChat and chat records.This took a long time, and the two processes combined took a total of 4 hours.But the results are good, the software has come, even several of Huawei's software.

Standby time

If there's one big reason I changed my phone, it was because I wasn't happy with the standby time in Huawei. At that time just changed the cell phone battery, the result is a day of two charge, each screen time in about 7 hours. So I am particularly concerned about the screen time of VIVO phone. Through the use of these two days of charging, about more than 9 hours. I particularly emphasize here is the screen time, because my phone screen time every day up to 18 hours or so, if play less, I estimate a charge a day is no problem. In order to extend the battery life, to prevent overcharge is very important, I specially used


Vivo x 90 pro+比华为那一款稍微长一些,华为mate40 pro每行显示5个图标, 而vivo x90pro+每行显示4个图标。厚度略厚,重量略重,手持握感较好。但摄像头突出比较严重,放在口袋里的时候,不能和其他东西放在一起,否则掏出手机的时候容易带出,导致物品丢失。

Fourth, the sound quality of mobile phones

Vivo mobile phone has always been the main music mobile phone, hifi is like thunder, the predecessor BBK is to make music audio.This is also one of the factors that attracted me to change my phone.Before I bought it, I looked up a DXO sound quality ranking

Here, the X80 Pro scored 129, placing it in eighth place. As the latest Vivo flagship phone, I just checked it out and got a score of 132,128 for listening to music, 127 for watching videos, and 134 for games.

But in terms of listening to music, it is stronger than the previous mate4pro mobile phone.As mentioned in the review, the midrange is good and the treble is slightly distorted.Huawei Mate 50Pro scored 144, but it is one or two thousand more expensive than Vivo.

Sound quality ranking of black shark game mobile phone ride dust, just heard that closed, do not know if true. And the Glorious Magic series.

4. Photography and videography

To be honest, I'm not very good at this, and the new phone is used to take a picture

Seems a little clearer than my previous mate40pro.

Shot by the Mate 40 Pro

Fifth, the use of mobile phone system

From Huawei's Hongmeng system, changed to vivo Origin OS3 at first, very unaccustomed, although the fluency is not said.

First, the basic operational aspects. After the page opens, go back to the previous step, or go back to the home page, you need to press the button at the bottom. So after Baidu, I changed the settings so that, like Huawei phones, I could use all the gestures.

Second, take screenshots. After learning, you can also use gestures, but you also need to modify it in the settings.After the modification, unlike Huawei's tapping index knuckle, vivo uses three fingers on the screen from top to bottom, you can take screenshots, and at the same time, there is a long screenshot for you to choose.If you stop moving down, you are taking a screenshot of any shape.

Third, set the default browser, search engine, and input method.I searched for this for a long time, but I didn't find it, and finally I found the answer through searching the Internet.I like to search with Google Chrome and open web pages really fast.Search engines still use Baidu more by default.Input method: I like to use the pinyin nine keys of iFLYTEK input method.At the same time, voice input methods and handwriting input can be used at any time without switching.That is, under the same interface, three input methods can be used.


Fourth, the battery level display setting.By default, the display of several bars indicates the power level, and if you want to display the battery level as a percentage, you must modify it in the settings.

The above can achieve the same functions as Huawei by modifying the settings, and some can not be modified.Vivo needs to be updated in the future.

For example, looking for the software you want to open, such as today's headlines, you can't find it for half a day, so you have to use the search function, but after Harmony uses the software to exit, it will automatically switch to the desktop of the window where the software is located.Vivo is not, so can't find it or can't find it.


It should be said that most of the settings are compatible with past usage habits, leading me from initial discomfort to forgetting about Huawei mobile phones.

There are also several good places in the vivo mobile phone function, such as the setting of the eye protection mode, there is a sleep mode is very good, after setting, you can automatically enter the eye protection mode after sunset, and automatically switch over after sunrise.

Finally, after buying a new mobile phone, I sold the Huawei mate40Pro 256G silver mobile phone 3380 that I originally bought for more than 7,000, and I lost more than 4,000 yuan after using it for two years.Originally, I wanted to use it as a backup, but is it too luxurious to use more than 3,000 mobile phones as a backup?

So through replacement, I spent two or three thousand yuan to replace the new machine this time.