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Reba is hotly discussed again! It was revealed that she and Huang Jingyu were abroad in January, and her face and chin were swollen badly

2023-02-28 04:26:29

Little did I know that more than a month later, Reba's pregnancy and relationship with Huang Jingyu were still going on.

This year, for Di Li Gerba, it is estimated that she is a hurdle for her 30 years old!

The affair with Huang Jingyu and her pregnancy scandal have been discussed for almost half a month!

In fact, as early as the end of December last year, a paparazzi broke the news that a first-line top actress would officially announce the birth of a child this year, and some netizens guessed that it was Di Li Gerba.


Unexpectedly, at the beginning of 2023, Reba fell into the news of her pregnancy on the whole network, and even some fans ran to leave messages to let her post her work schedule because of this.

On February 9, a paparazzi released the news that Reba was pregnant, and said that it should be a baby rabbit, and it is estimated that the due date is around October.

Subsequently, the paparazzi also forwarded a dynamic of Huang Jingyu, and with the text expressed congratulations to Huang Jingyu on the successful upgrade.


Unexpectedly, more than a month has passed, Reba's pregnancy and her relationship with Huang Jingyu are still fermenting.

This is not, today Reba pregnancy, has been discussed again, because a Netizen posted in Paris Reba a video, the Netizen also said that this is a chance encounter in January Reba.

Not only did the netizen bump into him, but other passers-by also saw him at the Louvre in France.

In the picture, Reba's face is obviously puffy and his chin is also swollen so badly that he is a little unrecognizable.

Some netizens said it was edema during pregnancy, and it was quite serious.

Even an insider said that Huang Jingyu was also in France at that time, and he posted a circle of friends to play abroad, and some netizens noticed that during that time, Huang Jingyu also used a certain software to listen to songs, and the IP territory at that time was in France.

In this way, it can be determined that both were in France in January, but as for whether the two are in the same place, we do not know.


And stars are also people, they must also fall in love, get married and have children, men are unmarried, women are not married, if it is true, they will be truly blessed!

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