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Be obedient and do as you are told, live a long and healthy life-big Health Forum: Focus on Big Health and enable new development

2023-02-28 04:26:24

The Institute independently developed tea polyphenols, theaflavin extraction technology and oat peptide enzymatic hydrolysis process, and converted them into two tea extract series foods, three staple grains tea polyphenol oat meal replacement powder and theaflavin oat meal replacement powder, to comprehensively regulate chronic diseases.

The national "Healthy China 2030" planning outline and China's medium- and long-term plan for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (2017-2025) point out that chronic diseases should be treated in a non-drug way, starting from the main health influencing factors, and achieving health improvement through health promotion means.

“Do as you are told, live long and healthy-big Health Forum”

On February 27, the 2023 three main grains (Wuxi) life science and technology research institute will hold a “Do as you are told, the “Healthy and long life-the Big Health Forum” and the opening ceremony of the three main food life sciences research institute (Jiangyin) , with participants to discuss the model of a healthy community and the integrated management of chronic diseases, we will work hard to promote the high-quality development of healthy China Bank.

聚焦大健康 关注慢性病

In conjunction with a number of institutions of higher learning, medical institutions and scientific research institutes, sanzhu grain (Wuxi) Life Science and Technology Research Institute Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Research Institute”) was established in Wuxi, led by the Ph. D. Team of Peking University nutritionists, three main grain group to“Become a national health promoter, practitioners and leaders” as their responsibility, and actively respond to the national“Health China Action” called for another important measure.


At the age of tea with health often accompany


Three staple grains: tea polyphenol oat meal replacement powder

Green tea is the core of the functional factors.

- Lose weight and lose weight

Strong satiety, 2~4 bags to replace a meal;

High in dietary fiber to regulate intestinal health;

Caffeine: reduce fat synthesis, reduce fat storage, enhance the ability to break down fat.

- Beauty and anti-aging

Tea polyphenols oat peptides and other oat extracts can be "seven antibodies": anti-tumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-radiation, anti-allergic effects;

Increase skin activity, delay skin aging, whitening and moisturizing, reduce wrinkles and stains;

Helps maintain youthful, vibrant skin.

- 慢病调理

Tea polyphenols, oat peptides and other oat extracts can be “Three lowering one prevention”: Blood Sugar, blood lipids, weight reduction, prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Three-dimensional nutritional formula to comprehensively improve chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Comprehensively improve the body's immunity.

Three staple foods are theaflavin oat meal replacement powder

, a golden yellow pigment found in yellow tea and black tea.

- Nutrient-rich High in protein

The protein content is 1.3 times that required by the national standard;

Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Pure plant extract, a variety of natural plant functional factors.

- 多种功效 有益健康

regulate blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular disease;

Improve immunity;

No toxic side effects;

Improve fatty liver, alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis.

- Superior craftsmanship Streamlined recipes

Made by steam direct injection instant sterilization process, the solubility and stability are both good;


The ingredients are streamlined and clean, 0 sucrose, 0 added white sugar, preservatives, vegetable fat, flavors, pigments, sweeteners;