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1. Improve health cognition to live a long and healthy life!

2023-02-28 04:26:14

In fact, the concept of health is the most important, please remember that if a person does not have the concept of health, it is difficult for him to obtain health.

Hello everyone, I am Yang Hua, a nutritionist, and also a health manager.

The theme of today's sharing is: to improve health awareness we can live a long and healthy life!





Today we all want to talk about health, we all know that health is very important to people, we all know that health is 1, other is 0, but can we really have the concept of health?

You will find that when you talk to some people about health problems, some people don't care, and even some people say that I have never been to the doctor for so many years, I have never been in the hospital, and I have never used any nutrient supplements, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat, he regards this as a kind of his own capital.

So in such a life, some people will even say, isn't it a big deal to die? Some people even say that this head fell off the bowl and a big.In fact, when we talk about health, we are rarely willing to talk about death.

But when you really go back and think about the importance of health, we might as well think about what it would be like to face the dead.

You look at internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, ophthalmology, stomatology, etc., so many medical texts, he records so many diseases.

In the end, we all die from one of these diseases. And then think of the diseases which, if faced with death, would not suffer, would quickly pass away from this world.

Seems not much, said brain hemorrhage fast that also had bleeding, more than 100 ml even rescue opportunities are not, may instantly lost consciousness.

And myocardial infarction is fast, but you should know that myocardial infarction occurs when the patient is chest area of severe crushing pain is described as sweating.

What is sweating, is sweat like soy beans.And the patient has a very important subjective description, what is it called? It's called near-death, the feeling of dying.

That feeling is very scary, and there are many diseases, such as hemiplegia or cerebral embolism, or other diseases that can lead to paralysis and bed rest, so isn't it more painful?

So we pursue health and pursue longevity, which is a good wish, but please remember deeply:

The longevity we pursue is not simply the longevity of life, but the healthy longevity, unhealthy longevity, that is the sin of longevity.

Then I want to communicate with you again here, how pleasant and happy it is for us as a person to be able to eat and drink freely and lassa.

If I really say, oh, it's better to be uncomfortable than to be upside down, how beautiful it would be for me to lie down.But you know, if we can go back and try it ourselves, really lie in bed for 4 hours without turning over, no one to help you you can prevent turning over, lie down for 4 hours, you will find how tormenting and painful it was at that time.

So it's uncomfortable, and then there are even bedridden people who need someone else to take care of the urine and urine to take care of the food and water, we don't want this kind of life, and it will be a great drag on the family

So when I encourage you to think about health, I want you to think about health not just as a personal issue, but as a personal one