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This is the real chess player of the Chinese Super League! One decided to worry about 2 kings, but they sat firmly on the fishing platform!

2023-02-28 04:26:04

Because there are currently two teams with the same points, one is the defending champions of the Chinese Super League Shandong Taishan, and the other is the biggest dark horse of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Three Towns.

Many fans have enjoyed watching Meysey lead his country to the World Cup title and become world champions at the end of his career. Meysey's moment of triumph was also the end of this World Cup. The most exciting world cup is over, I believe that many fans will feel empty inside, feel no match to watch, the football world suddenly a lot of cold.

But as the Chinese fans, especially the Super League fans that Lucky, because just after the World Cup, our Super League will also usher in the decisive moment. At present, the Chinese Super League has been carried out to the last moment, there are two rounds to be concluded, but the Chinese Super League championship has not yet been decided. Because there are currently two teams with the same points, one is the Chinese Super League defending champion Shandong Taishan team, and the other is the Chinese Super League's biggest dark horse Wuhan three towns team.

Originally, everyone thought that the Shandong Taishan team, which invested relatively steadily, would definitely defend its title this season, but from the beginning of the league, Wuhan Three Towns has always occupied the top position in the league standings.Through huge investment, they have introduced the top foreign aid in the Chinese Super League, and also won many international players from Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Evergrande, forming a team with a very strong squad.They have won all kinds of big games from the beginning of the league and became the favorites to win the championship in one fell swoop.The Shandong Taishan team fought desperately to chase points in order to defend the title, and did not catch up with the Wuhan Three Towns team until the end of the league, but the goal difference was still more than 10 at one point.However, it was fortunate to meet the Shenzhen team, which sent young players to play, and as a result, in that game, Shandong Taishan team brushed 8 goal difference at once, narrowing the huge goal difference gap to 5 goals.There were still three rounds to go, and everyone felt that the goal difference problem was solved.

But what I never expected was that in the last round, Shandong Taishan team lost 0:2 away to Shanghai Port, which once made Shandong Taishan fans a little desperate.But fortunately, Wuhan Three Towns also lost, they were eliminated by Chengdu Rongcheng in the 92nd minute, so the suspense of winning the championship returned.But the goal difference between the two sides widened to six.That is to say, if the Shandong Taishan team wants to be sure to win the championship, then it must take at least 7 more goals than Wuhan Three Towns in the next two rounds to win the championship with the same points.This difficulty is not too big to say, and it is not small to say small.The reason for the difficulty is that the next opponents of Shandong Taishan team are Meizhou Hakka and Beijing Guoan, both of which are not weak.The difficulty is small because Shandong Taishan team's own lineup is still relatively complete, but both opponents are currently plagued by fever, so there is still hope for a big score.

But what was unexpected was that something unexpected happened.Just today the Chinese Super League officially announced that Shandong Taishan team's opponent Meizhou Hakka team abstained, so Shandong Taishan team was awarded a 3-0 victory.Winning without a fight, he scored three points and three goal difference, successfully surpassing Wuhan Three Towns to rise to the first place in the standings.Many fans will say isn't that a good thing? Winning without a fight also regained the top of the standings.But you have to know that the match between Wuhan Three Towns and Zhejiang has not been compared, and Zhejiang team is also suffering from fever.If the Wuhan Three Towns team defeats the Zhejiang team, then it can basically be declared that the Shandong Taishan team will not win the league championship.Because Shandong Taishan could not get more goal difference against Meizhou Hakka team, the number of goal difference in this match has become quantified.That is to say, the fate of the Shandong Taishan team is no longer in their hands.In the final round against Beijing Guoan, how much goal difference do you think Shandong Taishan can get?

Of course, also not only Shandong Taishan team has pressure, Wuhan three towns are also pressure. To know that Zhejiang team is not weak, they are currently ranked third in the championship. Although the Zhejiang team has a fever to reduce the staff situation, but the Wuhan three towns team also has. Therefore this competition Wuhan three towns are not able to be sure that they will be able to win the Zhejiang team. And Shandong Taishan team has got 3 points ahead of schedule, which leads to Wuhan three towns team must win Zhejiang team, this time the pressure is really too big.

So the real good ones are the Meizhou Hakka team, they are the real Chinese Super League chess players, because one of their decisions has made both championship teams in a hurry.It can be said that without much effort, you can sit firmly on the fishing platform, watch the fire across the bank, and watch the tiger fight on the mountain.And our fans also want to thank Meizhou Hakka for their decision to make us see a very tragic and exciting title fight.So who do you think this year's Super League champion will be? Friends are welcome to discuss together.