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A flower that never fades

2023-02-28 04:25:54



Why would it be refused? In fact, I really want to meet them from my heart, but there seems to be a voice in my head saying all the time, you are so ugly, so fat, so ugly, no one will like you when they see you.So, I believed the voice.Refused visits from many friends.

Today, we talked for a long time, he said, you can use me as a trash can, pour out all the unhappiness and sadness in your heart.If you say that you especially want to see me when you are sick, instead of refusing again and again, I will feel that you really trust me and really treat me as a friend, I don't like your politeness and so-called understanding, say what you need, learn to accept!

My friend's words made me sad and happy.It's sad that I have been pushing away from my friends in difficult times, and I am happy that I am lucky to have such sincere friends.

He was very attentive and bought a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, which he said, is called the flower that never withers! My friends really understand me, because every time I see beautiful flowers quickly withering and being thrown away, I think about my current situation and feel sad.

Today's exchange made me really understand the meaning of friends.To trust each other, we must not only be able to give love, but also learn to accept love.Friendship lasts forever and never withers!

Never wither