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Every week (12.10-12.16) horoscope published: dark clouds gold, dust settled

2023-02-28 04:25:49

Horoscope ranking Aries: good help, good market, good reviews (strongest career) Libra: stone to ask for directions, a hundred flowers, multi-pronged (the most opportunities) Taurus: late first come, joy from heaven, blessing in disguise (the most progressive) Sagittarius: short supply, small test of water temperature, like into the treasure mountain (the most prosperous)

An overview of your horoscope


The wind rises and rises step by step.During this period of auspicious omen of the guardian star, good luck and good fortune continued.It is the end of a beautiful year that enjoys high levels of satisfaction emotionally, marriageally, financially, academically or professionally.Fueled by the three auspicious stars of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, his career is expected to set a new personal record of the year, with good things such as academic progress, gold list titles, selection or promotion and high rankings, as well as many proud achievements.Interested in entering the big stage, further education, cross-border exchanges, or certification examinations, language learners, there are opportunities to realize their potential, happy dreams, and the future is limitless.The promotion index of wealth development rose, wealth management investment was actively successful, income was abundant, and non-industry accounts also increased.


Every adversity brings good fortune. The ruler of the planet and the Year Star, Saturn and Pluto were lucky in this period of time, God extremely blessed, Lucky one after another. It will not only successfully avoid the blackmail and misdirection of many potential mines and people with a heart of gold, but also gain powerful backing, transform enemies into friends and successfully defuse the crisis. Whether the first half was good or bad, the second half always ended with better-than-expected surprises. Fortune explodes and a new world of wealth is discovered.


Think differently and take what you need.During this period of successive dilemma or standoff, the double impact of "Guardian Star/Mercury Horn Rush" and "Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse" may meet the largest level before the closure at the end of the year.Sticking to a position will lead to a lose-lose situation, and wisdom is needed to make trade-offs.Fortunately, not all inches were lost in the chaos, and the career was able to catch up with the schedule, clean up old cases or negotiate business.A partnership occurs.Avoid fullness.


Ann often play smooth, to defense instead of attack. The return to normal life during this period, is the end of the year before the holidays in the airless zone. Work and rest on schedule, according to the plan, although there is no huge project in hand, but the current errands up and down enough busy for a period of time, hard work can be credited. Fine-tuning the cause of fine-tuning, deepening the advantages of accurate management is better than random shooting birds. Have the opportunity to change the runway, job-hopping flat. Financial resources slightly reduced, investment be careful blind spot.


Strong and weak, the first to win.In this period of alternating fortune warning and auspicious omen, action is the best countermeasure to avoid evil, and it is better to get up and go.In the near future, I may be appointed to take on the task of lifting the siege and cleaning up the mess, and if necessary, I have to play blackface and make difficult decisions about personnel adjustments, organizational downsizing, or consolidation and layoffs.Career favorability and controversy increase simultaneously, and auxiliary battlefields also have the risk of resource depletion, remember to win first.Financial ups and downs.


Calm and calm, with a degree of retraction.In this period of mixed fortune, when busy with the work at the end of the year and the big clearance, but also have to deal with the emergency situation and unexpected episodes of temporary queue cutting, it is a super pressure cooker-like life.Fortunately, the pressure intensity is still within the tolerable range, and the urgency and responsibility of the working time force out a focused and deep internal force.Although the business management is slightly conservative, it is steady and does not dance to outside music.The potential for gold absorption has increased greatly.


Change at the same time, like a fish in water.During this period when Natal Star successively presents good omen with the stars of the years, Pluto and Saturn, it is expected to meet several special opportunities, at the right time, in the right place, meet the right person, happen to do the right thing, accidentally hit the golden bricks, and become the lucky winner of the Life Lotto alone.What is rare is that the bottleneck of the unsolved case, which seemed unsolvable, was dramatically reversed by unintentional casual play.Although there is not much time left before the end of the year, the business can still show its skills in a number of mobile small projects, learn quickly, get started quickly, and card positions quickly, and slightly outperform the opponent with versatility and high flexibility.Wealth is abundant and financial success is achieved.


It is easy to attack a city and take land. The 'Pots of Gold index' has been at an annual high during the period when the house of wealth has been blessed with three major auspicious events. It is a time when many people have turned their fortunes around, become financially successful or have improved their income and expenditure. Golden Week's annual debt-off and wealth-making is at this time, optimism will continue to burn for nearly a month. Thanks to the Guardian Star and Venus is auspicious, the cause of low high, steady performance, many people live a dangerous beach, the future is more and more optimistic, there is a belated affirmation. Good fortune.






Establish good relationships and join in the grand event.During this period of popularity, networking, money and achievements are connected together, which is the common key connecting relationships and resources from all walks of life, and thus becomes an indispensable magnet for work or organization.In addition to holding box office and decision-making influence, business operation also has good cross-border, cross-field or cross-color coordination and comprehensive power.In the near future, he will enter an elite core or become an opinion leader on a public issue.Small blood loss in the purse.


Flaws are not hidden, late bloomers.The period when the Career Palace welcomes the three auspicious stars is the decisive month of the year with the most opportunities for career development and the highest optimism.With the interactive assistance of the three elements of strength, luck and strategy, the business operation can be expected to avoid the evil and survive the danger, and there is also a sign of resurrection of defeat, recapture of a city or counterattack to win.All the turmoil and setbacks in the process are only transitions, and the conclusion is important.Remember to hold your breath. Prosperity.

Constellation depth analysis

As far as individual zodiac signs are concerned, the last solar eclipse of the year comes on, and the horoscope auspicious omen greatly overshadows the horoscope alarm, which is the beginning of the last 3-week shock cycle at the end of the year.The Fortune Chart has once again appeared in a new order.The new horoscope overlord is Aries.It is the annual career benchmark month, and the guardian star has successively shown great good omen with the sun and Mercury, and the career noble person or emotional partner brings both spiritual and substantive nourishment, and the sense of fulfillment, achievement and emotional nutrition are very full.

The next sign is Libra. This week, The Guardian planet and Pluto, Venus and Saturn have formed a perfect angle, in just one week will come a number of consecutive successes, the recent competition, business or all kinds of marketing, won a large increase in the winning rate; Good luck number three is Taurus. Dedication to work, hard working attitude, the more precious in difficult situations, the value of recognition by the high-level, promotion, performance appraisal bonuses or dig money, such as lucky.

This week has been a wonderful week of amazement, joy and loss, and it is expected to be the beginning of the half-month of year-end shocks.The sudden change and ups and downs of the general environment will be an extraordinary situation of a few joys and a few sorrows.The zodiac signs with relatively more twists and turns are: Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.Not a war crime, remember to give yourself more warmth and love.


Aries: Good help, good market, good reviews (strongest career)

Libra: Ask the way, let a hundred flowers bloom, multi-pronged approach (the most opportunities)

Taurus: First come, joy descends from heaven, blessing in disguise (the most progressive)

Sagittarius: In short supply, test the water temperature, such as into Baoshan District (the most gas field)