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Cheng has just arrived in Nanning, where he works as a store director [317]

2023-02-28 04:25:39

Xie, Cheng Gang and Han are eating at the snack stand.


When I woke up, I picked up the mobile phone on the ground and looked at the time after 7 o'clock, and last night I planned to set an alarm clock at 6:30.In the morning, you have to take a shower, wash your hair, and pack your things.You can start studying at 10 o'clock and start at 7 o'clock.

Brush your teeth and shave your beard at the sink on the second floor.Take the clothes and go downstairs to take a bath, take Han Xin's Haifeisi shampoo, your own Xunhuiji cleanser, and then twist the shower gel in the store.The water in the dryer was drained, and the clothes from the washing machine were moved to the dryer, putting my shirt and pants in the washing machine.Wash quickly for 15 minutes. I came out of the shower and scrubbed my panties.After washing the clothes in the washing machine, throw them into the dryer to dry together.

Go back to the second floor to clean up your things and dry your hair.Rub with Discovery Water, Essence and Aloe Vera Gel.If you plan to get a mask, you have something to do in the morning and do it in the evening.It was already 8:03 a.m. after finishing and tidying up.After completing yesterday's life record, the Jianshu daily update was released, and the push was completed at 8:32.

At 8:47, he took a dump, washed his hands and went back to his room. Getting ready for exercise. When the exercise is over, take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them, and empty the water. Room tidy up, to 9:26, the store opened at 10:00, half an hour early reading.

Rich children, no pressure to survive, but also rarely have the opportunity to see the human warmth, the cold side of the world, so lazy, spoiled, fragile, no ambition often for their common fault. In response to this common social phenomenon, Zeng exhorted his nephew to be diligent and thrifty, to be cautious, to cherish happiness, not to rely on momentum, especially to make up one's mind and strive for oneself, not to lie in the nest of comfort created by his parents.

Wealth, fame and fortune are the world's prosperity, but the chest of the next great is really useful. A broad breast is the commandment of thrift.

9:50 to study colleagues arrived, 10 o'clock start. Cheng Gang told the case of foot treatment paper and electronic version, record the detailed process of late customer marketing tools. Sort and file by problem. Customer information includes name, date, or number of problem, to ensure consistency with the paper. The paper must be signed by the customer to confirm. Electronic cases with Baidu disk transmission. Classification label for foot products, for toenails, skin, arch and foot pain.


After dinner in the office. Turn around and go back to the second floor. Xie is always having a meal, and so is Shi, the manager of the shop. Later Lu call wechat video phone, said let me also to Chan Yue Combs, just the hall master in the East GE road shop. I called the host docking, she said in the East GE road shop, I said to find her to communicate things.


The body healthy mind is relaxed, goes to the Chan pleasant ear. With the host talked about the following: 1 the core is always the product, there is content at the moment, did not do a good job packaging. 2 the refinement and display of core values. 3 do service, many people think that the customer is familiar with, it is easy to relax themselves. 4 storefront daily Operation Work Center does not have. 5 menu design, how to improve selection efficiency, reduce communication costs, provide comprehensive information, category and item design. The store's organizational structure ensures the allocation of all transactions. All people do all things, all things only one thing, for the customer to create a star experience. 8 store project organization, single order or package, according to customer needs analysis and find historical data comparison. 9 problem to find the right, that the ultimate goal is what, in the end is to increase the number of customers or increase turnover. 10 store three major products: CULTURE/Project Services/membership card. The sequence logic should be clear.

The third space of Chanyue ears, physical health and psychological relaxation.Business layout:chan. Ear Health/Chan. Eye Health/Yue・Body Health/Yue. Head health.Yue Scripture Copying Class / Yue Zen Dance Class / Yue Reading Class.

After chatting with the hall master, Mr. Huang also came to the store.Mr. Huang: We met two or three times.We will meet tomorrow at 12 noon.Back to Dongkadian immediately at 17 o'clock.I met Teacher Han sitting in the office.Cheng Gang in the foot specialist room on the first floor.I came upstairs and sat for a while, and set the editor of the public account article in Guangzhou to push it regularly.Eat a quick meal of scrambled eggs with stewed peanuts and tomatoes.After eating and cleaning up, I listened to Cheng Gang talk about the wave and shining shoes.Then there is the question of how to implement it.Be sure to follow up, assign to specific people, and negotiate the path and method of feedback.

After eating, chat with Master Mai and Xiao Lin.Speaking of the ear picker who came last time.Mention our mental will.Many times we have to learn to give up and use a lot of energy to do a good job of customer service that is good to us.Reason and method are two sides of the same coin, just listening but not doing is the truth, listening and doing is the method.We must learn to say no, and not to refuse what we do not understand.

It's okay after 19 o'clock, review books more, don't keep asking about the harvest, ask yourself more about how much you have cultivated, this is the key.Too little reading, not knowing widely, are all faults.It is necessary to eliminate waste actions and increase real skills.Zeng Guofan's family book was read for a total of 1.5 hours today.Think of the whole process of service of the hall master, marketing information service, price board, member recruitment, signature products, sales king and other atmosphere creation.Heart service, star experience, new feeling.One store with six stores, and the publicity fee is saved.

Cheng Gang did something, and I talked to him outside the house.Speaking of first impressions, the professional image of a pedicure is created.I went back to the second floor and sat down, ready to make something on the computer.The time is already 20:49, do the cultural content of Chanyue.

22:27 in the conference room on the second floor of Yangzhou Pedicure Dongge Store.Mr. Xie, Teacher Han, Cheng Gang, and Xiao Lu are all there.In 2010, the owner of Shaoxing Grand View Garden came to Nanning, and a friend told me the news, thinking that he had not seen each other for so many years, and Mr. He said to meet.He sent me the location, and he suggested that he had just landed in Nanning and flew from Hangzhou.I processed a little file on the computer, and I will use it tomorrow to meet with the parishioner.


Mr. He later replied with a good word, and there was no reply.I had to walk around the Nanhu Mingdu Hotel, where taxis were waiting for guests, and occasionally some people passed by.After 23 o'clock, Mr. He sent a location information, that is, the location of the crayfish, there was a person in front of me before, I looked like Mr. He, I didn't have time to say hello.Mr. He sent another voice message later, telling me where to eat a late-night snack.

Walk past a few minutes, into the store, I call he total, asked him in the private room or outside the hall table number. It turned out he was in the bathroom. When he came out, he took me in and met his former boss, chairman Huang Ronggang of Zhejiang Shaoxing Grand View Garden. They used to say I was bald. In 2010, I was in the south of the city, Grand View Garden, with Dong. After a meal and some beer, I sat next to He, my former partner in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, who was originally from Hunan Province. There used to be a Mitsubishi car. Cut sugar cane together. And behind the store is the canteen and boys' dormitory, back then the uniform is pink. At that time, the Grand View Garden two stores. The railway station shop is in preparation. Together to eat and Huang's friends, do real estate Lou, Hu, chairman of the Grand View Park Chen and two cadres, as well as two of our former members.


After chatting for a while, Mr. Huang went back to his room to rest.Mr. Chen continued to ask questions to obtain the market situation in Nanning.After the chat, Mr. He rested, and Mr. Chen also rested.We both walked and chatted in the lobby area from the 37th floor of Nanhu Mingdu Hotel.All the way to the separation of the National Avenue.I asked Teacher Han if he was in the store and opened the door for me.He said that the small tricycle at the door was at the night snack stall.

The national road started off by riding the Harrow Bicycle, along the memory of the route on the ride back to Yangzhou Foot Repair Dongge shop. Xie, Cheng Gang and Han are eating at the snack stand. I took a plastic stool and sat down for a while. They talked about reading. Then talk about Han's goal to be specific and so on. After the end of the back to the shop to rest, a look has been more than 3:00 in the morning. Such a long-term work and rest in the past is certainly not the case. Wash and sleep, wake up shower wash clothes.

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