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"Splendid giant", slow heat and sincerity never go out of style

2023-02-28 04:24:55

So the words left by Xiuxiu to Xiao Hao before the end of the show are really sincere and touching, "Thank you, I am 20 years old", "You are a special existence in my heart forever", "You are my eternal friend above, lovers are not full" They are together after the show!

"If you understand my slow heat, I can also love you for a long time"

It is probably an emotional observation program in recent years, and it is very popular with the audience in the variety show circle.

Whether it is the travel of energetic teenagers, or the mutual understanding of business people, as the screen of our full expectations, like their friends or children in general, hope that can be a happy ending.

Meanwhile, in the summer of 2022, I stumbled across a youth travel agent reality show, 2022 season 2.

...... These are the CPs of netizens.

In the second season, 20-year-old graduates from all walks of life have had a special graduation season this summer, perhaps one they will never forget.

What impressed me more was the CP pair of 'Splendid Giants'.I have to say that at the beginning, Xiaohao and Xiuxiu had a good impression of each other, and the positions they gave each other were not low.

But who would have thought that they were a couple that many people did not look favorably on at first?

But when and follow-up after the exchange of other guests, Xiao Hao know that he has some behavior may not explain the circumstances, will cause the other party's misunderstanding, and even sad;

Show show also in and brother Peng Peng Exchange, a little bit of understanding of the small hao approach may be because of what.

So after they have experienced such things, they go to talk about the problem, to solve it, to slowly run in.

But because of some personality reasons, Xiaohao can't easily say to Xiuxiu in such a time, 'I have to be you, I just like you'.

He needs some time to get to know more, hopefully long and responsible.

Show show at the same time from beginning to end to small Hao is the same, she wants to get the other side of the firm answer, rather than erratic, fuzzy feeling.

What they were thinking about was what most people would think about. Falling in love was not casual or erratic. It was a two-way journey between them, and it was sincere.

So the words left by Xiuxiu to Xiaohao before the end of the show are really sincere and touching,

"Thank you, show my 20 years old"

They got together after the Show!

Because an imperfect girl will eventually meet an imperfect boy who will resolutely choose her, the two of them will become better together.

You See, the sincere people around will always embrace, because there is love, because of sincerity, so meet hand in hand would like to life.

No matter how long, will always be sincerely touched, I wish you can meet sincere people, regardless of friendship love.

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