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Love to wear a suit must see a black suit with 7 suits, easy to wear out a capable intellectual style

2023-02-28 04:24:44

Today's sharing, let's give full play to the charm of suits, only use a black dress as an underwear, sort out 7 basic and good-looking suits, and wear a sassy and beautiful suit.


Black underwear is very simple, turtleneck loose sweater, tight leg black trousers, you can simply use sweatpants, or jeans, as long as you keep the whole body black neat, you can easily complete the underwear that can be worn for a week.


It can make the coffee-colored suit continue to be attractive, and the slightly curved cut makes the suit more comfortable to wear, and also allows the intellectuality of the coffee color to be fully displayed, which is a simple and generous way to wear.


Of course, you can't forget the charm of black suits, and take advantage of the current weather to forget the chic of leather suits.This is a style that many fashion bloggers and fashion editors love.Even if it is an ordinary suit style, with the luster of a leather jacket, it can also wear a cool sassy feeling, so that a suit dressed in black with an aura is fully open.

Everyone has a basic black suit, and while it's safe to add it to our list of must-haves, it won't go out of style for a long time. In addition to the cool knee-high boots, you can also choose some small details, cat-eye sunglasses and gold earrings are exquisite embellishment. When dressing more normally, pay more attention to these wonderful details.

Gentle beige is also a color that many people love, and when you meet a suit, you can always wear a gentle and intellectual feeling, especially the soft wool fabric, suitable for friendly and smiling, affinity women.

Of course, there are neutral minimalist favorite, cold-key smoke gray with contour suit, you can also add light-colored vertical fine lines, wear a stylish slimming collocation, is not exactly the reason we love suits.

That's today's sharing about the suit, spring is the season for wearing a suit jacket, let it give full play to the charm of it. I'm Sue and I'm here to share fashion, female growth and stories with you. See you next time.