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Miss Deer's cake shop

2023-02-28 04:24:34

       Miss Lu's cake shop business is not hot, the shop is very small, only she and a helping pastry chef, when there is nothing busy, most of the people who come are old customers, after all, an inconspicuous alley, will not attract so many people, the little deer girl has a very happy life, every day most enjoy the time after closing, you can sit at the favorite small round table


Mr. Xiaolu once said: You love cake so much, then let's open a cake shop in the future!

The little deer girl nodded desperately before she could dry the cream from the corner of her mouth.

After Mr. Fawn left, the deer girl opened a cake shop alone, called Miss Deer's Cake Shop, maybe the signboard of the cake shop should not be gray, but the deer girl chose this color, whenever someone pushed the door in, they heard the bell on the door ringing crisply.

“Hello, May I help you?”

"I want a copy of Lamington," Mr. Brown said softly, as usual.The fawn girl skillfully made the cake, knowing that Mr. Brown had always liked the caramel taste, or maybe Mrs. Brown liked it, Miss Fawn didn't think so much, wrapped it and handed it to Mr. Brown.

The little deer always could not remember things. Sometimes, she could not find her keys. She would spin around in a hurry at the entrance of the shop and forget which gentleman had made the reservation yesterday. As a result, when she came the next day, she was at a loss. She would only make amends to him. But I remember every step of the cake. Someone said, the deer you hang a sign in their neck, write clearly identity and address, or one day to lose their own, the deer would like to smile, their own experience of what their own heart know. Later, deer shop more than a blackboard, filled with things to do every day and plans, unfortunately, the memory will always forget, want to forget is always lingering.

Miss Lu's cake shop was not very busy. The shop was very small. It was only her and a cake maker who helped her. When she was not busy, most of the customers who came were old customers. After all, it was an unremarkable alley, it would not attract so many people. The little deer girl had a good time. She enjoyed a period of time after closing every day. She could sit at the small round table that she liked and watch the streetlights turn on one by one and play the music that she liked, tasting cakes that didn't sell but would spoil the next day, humming a tune, dancing in the yellowish light, or making a cup of coffee, quietly crouching in front of the window watching people come and go.

Every girl who likes cakes has a sweet heart, perhaps, in their world, the sky is marshmallows, the grass is jam, the taste of the wind is slightly sweet, the mountains in the distance are a large piece of Oreo, only with a little bitterness, but there will always be someone to taste, such as the slight bitterness of chocolate, always the sweet part is more.I hope that Miss Deer's cake shop is prosperous, and the little deer girl can also cross the better.