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"Wu Zhihong's Psychology Lesson" excerpt 9 - Q&A: Don't rush to change

2023-02-28 04:24:14

Psychological counselors, especially psychoanalytic counselors, do not easily give advice to the client, nor do they give any solutions, but try to help the client understand what is happening inside you, how your heart works, and what subconscious things you ignore?

Take your time. Because the heart, indeed, can not be rushed.

Take your time. Not only the soul of things slowly, the growth of things should also be slowly, access to wealth is slowly...

Counselors, especially psychoanalysts, don't give advice or solutions easily, just try to help the client understand what's going on inside of you, how Does Your Heart Work? Is there something subliminal you're not seeing?

When you encounter something unusual, ask yourself: What happened inside me at that time? How does my heart work? Is there something subconscious that I overlook? ...... If you keep correcting, you can definitely heal yourself.

It is through this refresh of self-knowledge that the subconscious mind may be "broken".


You will find that the original so-called self, is slowly formed. Since it is slowly formed, it can be slowly changed.

Through slow change, gradually change the bad "self" in the past into the ideal "self"!