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Some people go home to toast during the Spring Festival, and some cats stay alone in the empty city

2023-02-28 04:23:59

The cat of Little Y Company was picked up by the boss in a high-end community in Nanning a few years ago, when the boss thought it was a "blue and white" younger brother, and after bringing it back to the company to raise it, he found that it was not, but it did not affect that it was as cute as the blue cat brother.


But still

And when these people left Nanning and rushed to the north and south of the river to celebrate the Spring Festival, some small pets could not accompany them on the trek, so they had to stay in Nanning and survive the Spring Festival holiday that may be very long for them in various ways.

Cat: I'm fine, I'm fine

Unlike the sturdy house cats we saw at my grandmother's house when I was a child, the unconditional love of cat owners seems to have become the“ZZZQ” of the world, to satisfy the many cat lovers who, for various reasons, can not keep their own cats, nanning has come up with cat-sucking venues, big and small, that bring together Nanning's class of “Cat-lovers” on weekends.

Many people in Nanning love cats, cats, has become in addition to the gold medal title, the wedding ceremony and other traditional four big happy events in life, another important event worth counting in the curriculum vitae.

Most cats are not clingy and often are

But many people who come from other places to work in Nanning suffer during the spring festival holiday, which is different from business trips or travel. Usually go far away can also foster the master in a friend's home, but the spring festival is the spring festival, a street door-to-door closed major festival, many people have their own holiday arrangements. If you have a car, you can probably take it with you for a year, but if you are just an ordinary young man, it is not practical to take the cat home for the New Year.

Sugar's co-worker is such a situation, young sitting with two cats and do not know what to do.

Xiaochang had a fat, self-conscious house, Garfield, and a daily strip-shaped “Chinese pastoral cat” last year, and it fell to sugar to help take care of the cat when Xiaochang returned home for the Spring Festival.

“I actually have a feeder, but it's better to have someone look after it, shoveling shit.”

Sugar is a dog people. He has a VIP, but he also loves cats very much. From time to time, he and his friends will go to the cat bar at the International Trade Center to masturbate the cats. He is very excited to mention two big fat cats for the time being.

"Although cats are not clingy, they may be bored and depressed when they stay in the house for such a long time.I also often watch cute pet videos, and I know that some cats don't say anything, but they actually rely on shovel officers in their hearts.”

Someone once installed a camera at home to observe their cat, and found that it had been sleeping during the day, occasionally going to the balcony to look into the distance, and waiting

The small change Garfield is always very inferior, he often gives it "psychological counseling", and every day when he comes home, he hugs it and lifts it high.If there is no one to accompany such a long holiday as the Spring Festival, it is easy to let its bad emotions recur; Another long cat has a very short temper and also needs the patience of a small change.


Some time ago, Jing Jing returned to Nanning and brought back her adopted short-legged cat. This year's spring festival Jing Jing plans to travel alone, Jing Jing's mother on the default took over the shoveling work.

When she first brought the cat home, her mother was also disgusted at first, and actually brought back a cat from such a far away place, and instilled all kinds of unhygienic clichés about pets all day long.Yet time has proven the truth,

Now as long as Jing Jing goes out, she will receive small videos sent to her by her mother from time to time, generously referring to the little kitten as "our sister", which is very much suspected of being loved.

During the long Spring Festival holiday, this poor little cat can't escape the old mother's magical favor, quietly knowing that the little cotton jacket teasing cat stick has been arranged.

There are some cute companies that "hair" cats to employees, such as Little Y's company.Xiao Y has not been in the company for a year, and she has been knocking on the side about the placement of the cat during the Spring Festival when the holiday is approaching.

The cat of Little Y Company was picked up by the boss in a high-end community in Nanning a few years ago, when the boss thought it was a "blue and white" brother, and after bringing it back to the company to raise it, he found that it was not, but it did not affect that it was as cute as the blue cat brother.

Usually, everyone takes turns to shovel for Si Mao, and Si Mao can "do whatever he wants" in the office, not to mention stealing water, coffee it is disgusting,


Like Cats, other small pets will face a lonely spring festival, and compared to cats, dogs are more deeply attached to people.

H, who went to college in Nanning, persuaded 5 other roommates to quietly raise a Chihuahua in the dormitory because he liked dogs so much, although the Chihuahua was small and delicate, but also loved to toss, and occasionally rushed out of the corridor to call.H lived a day of guerrilla warfare with Aunt Sheguan.

But she soon found herself

It's not that H no longer loves his Chihuahua, it's just that he can't afford this little life.

After having the opportunity to decide the way and content of life on their own, some college students will choose to raise various pets in various ways, from hamsters, guinea pigs, small goldfish, and then small pets that can interact closely, some are street encounters, some are gifts from friends, and some adopt cats and dogs on various adoption platforms in Nanning.

These little cuties have committed their lives to young people, but there are many young people who keep pets on a whim.

Cats have been solitary animals since ancient times, but the pet cat domesticated by human beings, but also will have some dependent on the feelings of the owner. Cat and human between the moving story is also enduring, these years cat even become a world-class hobby.

During the holidays, these elves have to face the empty room alone, spend those days filled with the sound of fireworks, but

This Spring Festival, will your pet be left alone in Nanning to guard the empty city?