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Sincerity never withers

2023-02-28 04:23:44

Wandering around the day before, passing by a nearby building materials market, I heard someone calling me, turned my head and saw that a middle-aged man wearing a hard hat and black was looking at me with a smile, I looked at it for a long time, only to hear the other party say: "President Lu, I am a strong son!"

Life is like a play! We are all the protagonists in our own stories, starting from memory, along the way, from the whispers in our mother's arms to the words and deeds of our teachers; From getting along with friends to career upheaval, sincerity has always been the mainstream of our lives.It allows us to abandon the glitz, stay away from deception, see the world, indifferent to desire, and fill our lives with the light of happiness.

On weekdays, the work is tedious, the mind is inevitably chaotic, I like to sit alone in the spare time, go to the bluestone in the monastery to sit, the pilgrims playing in threes and threes, surrounded by Buddha sounds, can not disturb me at all, here, at this time can get inner tranquility!

Time Flies! Through the road, experienced things, met people, as if yesterday! Different choices, different circumstances, childhood friends, classmates who are not much different today, class differentiation is very obvious, half a century, some expensive luxury immigration, a few companies, some open three-wheeled construction materials, rebar construction. Isn't that fate?


Everyone's experience is not easy, moving forward is the only direction of life, getting along with people, sincerity is the golden key to happiness eternal and unchanging.