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What does it take to apply to the court for enforcement after the labor arbitration judgment is issued?

2023-02-28 04:23:09

The information you need to carry is 1.5% . Photocopy of applicant's ID Card 2. Application for enforcement 3. Basic company information 4. Applicant's bank card information 5. Certificate of service of Judgment 6. The original judgment

If your labor arbitration judgment has been received, the judgment requires that within 10 days of taking effect, the respondent needs to enforce the judgment in accordance with the judgment, and the enforcement application time is about 25 days later.

The information to be carried is

A copy of the applicant's identity card

Application for enforcement

Basic information about the company of the respondent

4. The applicant's bank card information

5. Proof of service of judgment

6. Original judgment