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The stock market closed on May 6th

2023-02-28 04:23:04

Basically the continuation of last Friday's plate prices.

Today's A shares rebounded strongly, sweeping away peripheral panic, the three major indexes hit new highs recently, Shanghai closed at 2878 points, up 0.63%, Shenzhen Securities closed at 10883 points, up 1.51%, ChiNext closed at 7189 points, up 1.44%, the volume can be the same as last Friday, today's market trend is quite surprising, originally thought that it may be dragged down by the periphery, did not expect to be dusty together, this rise and China's effective control of the epidemic is inseparable, but can not be too optimistic, After all, the capital market is global, if the periphery is not good, China cannot be left alone, today funds mainly flow into the sector of domestic chips, semiconductors, cloud computing, CSI 500, lithium batteries, new materials, etc.It basically continued Friday's sector rally.