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It's the weekend 126-104-54

2023-02-28 04:22:54

The day before yesterday evening mathematics teacher sends the message to me, said the son this time mathematics teacher Test 108 marks, the progress is very big, wants me to praise the son.

2018.12.15    星期六    小雨

It's Saturday, it's the weekend again.


The night before, the math teacher sent me a message, saying that my son had scored 108 points in the math teacher test this time, and had made great progress, and asked me to praise my son.Now I am very laissez-faire about my son's grades, so I let my son study in his own way, and I only remind me during the homework, no longer forced, anyway, my son will not listen to him if he says more, so I will follow him.The result was a 108 score, and he didn't tell his son the good news until he was almost asleep.The son was very excited to hear it. Ask my son, how did he get the test? The son said that he didn't know, but he liked to do big questions during this time.I used to tell my son that I should get high scores in mathematics and practice more big problems, but it seems that my son still listened.Yesterday, during the day, the teacher praised his son in the parent group again, thanking the teacher for his encouragement.I believe that even if my son only has a satisfactory score in the test once, it means that my son has that potential and that ability, and everything takes time to experience.