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A journey to Guizhou. A Huangguoshu Waterfall song

2023-02-28 04:22:24


The original destination of this trip was Lijiang, but after searching around, I finally found that flying to Longdongbao and staying in Guiyang for two days before going to Lijiang was the best route. Of course, there was a reason for the ticket, speaking of air tickets, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. This applies to many places, such as when visiting big scenic spots during the peak tourist season.

We chartered a Ford and were already on our way to Huangguoshu Waterfall at 6 o'clock in the morning.

For first-time visitors to Guizhou, Huangguoshu Waterfall has undoubtedly become a must-see attraction, just like you can't go to Guizhou without eating sour soup fish and beef powder.Many people's cognition of Huangguoshu Waterfall stays in primary school textbooks, but I can't remember if there was this text in primary school, but the photo taken by my father in Huangguoshu left a deep impression on me, young him holding his trouser leg, one hand in his waist, the waterfall behind him poured down, looking at the situation, I thought it was fake, Dad said that this is the Huangguo Tree in Guizhou.Now I am walking on the same path that my father walked, to the same place of rest.

Imagine the appearance of the yellow fruit tree, looking out of the car window groups of clouds in the blue chassis constantly changing shape, have not had time to feel the journey of three hours of hard, the scenic spot is right in front of us. It is worth mentioning that children under the age of 14 in Huangguoshu Scenic Area are free of charge. Our son rarely enjoys such treatment. Our good impression of Guizhou has been greatly enhanced. We all feel that such preferential policies should be greatly promoted.

To enter the scenic area, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the waterfall, unless there are many people, I do not recommend the large escalator of the scenic area, listening to the feeling of the water flowing louder and louder and gradually sounding is also like an adventure.From the slightest sound of water to the sound that overwhelms everything, like the wind blowing through the bamboo forest, like the waves rushing to the beach, thunder and tide rushing to the face.When you stand at its feet, looking up, magnificent, majestic, majestic, more than 70 meters high cliff wall, rushing river rushing straight down in the rhinoceros pool, the water splash stirred up by the waterfall is soaring into the air, every weak drop of water under this unstoppable torrent has stimulated their greatest potential, turning into bright pearls, jumping hundreds of meters, and scattering with the wind... Faced with such an extraordinary momentum, everyone's eyes widened for a while, surprised and amazed, and completely intoxicated.Traveler Xu Xiake described it in his travelogue: "The bead curtain hook is not rolled, and the horse is practiced to hang the Yaofeng Peak", which is almost everyone's favorite sentence to describe the Huangguoshu Waterfall.Xu Xiake is the first person in Chinese history to make a detailed record of Huangguoshu Waterfall, there is a statue of him in front of the left of the waterfall, some people say that he is the world's earliest professional backpacker, Huangguoshu Waterfall has also become a famous attraction because of his travels and spread.

The Huangguoshu Waterfall is also famous for its multi-angle viewing and even touching. The water curtain cave is just behind the waterfall. A winding mountain boardwalk is connected to the water curtain cave and passes through the back of the waterfall, looking at the waterfall from the inside is a different experience. The waterfall scenic area is composed of three waterfall scenic spots, each with its own characteristics, but I think it is here that gives the biggest impact. The world also has a saying that“The yellow fruit tree returns without looking at the waterfall”. The yellow fruit tree is a masterpiece of nature, and it is also a gift given to the world by nature, let us travel in the famous mountains and rivers at the same time to the uncanny workmanship of nature with gratitude and awe.

We have been here before, our ancestors 400 years ago have been here, and more people will come like us to see the yellow fruit tree and to see the statue of Mr. Xu. We are neither the beginning nor the end of this journey, in the boundless world, we are also like a drop of water in this waterfall, tumbling down with the rapids, leaping up, jumping with joy, like smoke, but will eventually drift with the wind or fall dust, back to nature.


Yellow fruit trees in the rain