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Canada Sight - Niagara Falls

2023-02-28 04:22:14

I also found that it is very advantageous to see the waterfalls on the Canadian side, both waterfalls can be fully seen, and on the American side, to see their native waterfalls, you can only see the silhouette, of course, it is also very beautiful to see up close.

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After traveling to eastern Canada for half a month, the first place I wanted to write about was Niagara Falls.I've always regretted that I planned to stay here for one night, it felt too short, I really want to stay a few more days and walk around every day.

So, Niagara Falls will definitely be the place I want to come to.

I only spent a dozen hours in Niagara Falls, but I went to see the falls three times.I am willing to be there in a daze, listening, watching the raging water, running down and floating into the distance.Looking at the waterfall in front of you, feeling the slightest moisture on your face, many moments your mind is actually blank, and there will be a sudden stunned...

It was three o'clock in the afternoon when we first arrived, and it was the first time we saw the waterfall.It was a bit sweltering, so we put our things into the family hotel and walked towards the waterfall without stopping.The first thing we came to was the Rainbow Bridge, which was shaped like a rainbow, with Canada on one side and the United States on the other.The Great Falls is composed of American Waterfall and Horseshoe Falls, as the name suggests, the American side is the American Waterfall, and the Canadian side is the Canadian Falls, also called the Horseshoe Falls.Looking at the Canadian side, the American waterfall has a panoramic view, and where the water vapor flows down, the water vapor floats in front of the waterfall like a thin cloud.Even if I am on this side of the shore, I can feel the coolness floating far away.

We walked slowly along the road, looking at the two waterfalls from different angles, the closer we got to the horseshoe waterfall, the whole of the waterfall became clearer, and a large cloud of water vapor shrouded the waterfall like a fog.The sound of the water becomes louder and louder, and you can hear the majestic feeling, and finally close to the edge of the waterfall flying, very, very close, and you can reach it.




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The second night to see the waterfall, watching the horseshoe falls over the fireworks. The streets were especially lively, with people coming and going, and we almost went down the same path as we had in the afternoon, but the difference was that the waterfalls we saw were colored, sometimes lilac, sometimes light blue, like a large piece of colored satin floating in the distance. At ten o'clock, clusters of fireworks exploded in the sky in front of the waterfall. One was taller than the other. One was brilliant red, the other was bright gold and silver. Different flowers were dancing in the sky. We found a great place to watch fireworks, upstairs from the zip line. All fireworks are seen clearly, find the feeling of childhood fireworks, the night of those flying colors, such as sprites in the sky jump.


After another half hour of wandering outside, I returned to my place and still no one.I wondered if a lady came out of the gift shop and asked us how we could help.We said we were going to the U.S. and asked why no one was working here?

She smiled and said: Throw two twenty-five cents at the entrance and you can pass, if you don't have change, go to the machine and exchange it.

I then noticed that there was a small coin drop at the entrance. Couldn't it be written: coin drop here, across the bridge!

The kind lady walked up to the machine and watched me change the money and see that we passed before she returned to the store.


It's easy to enter the customs, enter the United States, and then return to Canada, are routine to ask a few questions: What to do in the United States? How long will you stay? Where to stay?

When I came to the United States, I found that it was too early, and there were really few people watching the waterfall on both sides, so quiet.With no one in the way, you can enjoy the wonders of nature to your heart's content.

I also found that the Canadian side of the falls is very advantageous, both waterfalls can be fully seen, while the United States, to see their native waterfalls, can only see the silhouette, of course, close-up is also very beautiful. Visitors can put on their raincoats and walk on the boardwalk beside the falls. The water drops will fly on them, and it will be a different feeling. Especially when there are more tourists, those raincoats of different colors, from afar as if flying in the waterfall on the edge of the colorful butterflies.

We walked a long lap on the American side, walking from one side of the waterfall to the other, passing two bridges, a park, and the scenery along the way was elegant.On the other side of the waterfall, you can see the other side of the horseshoe waterfall across the border between the United States and Canada, and if you look closely, you will understand why it is called the horseshoe waterfall, and I feel that the whole waterfall should fall a lot like the horseshoe stepping on the ground.

Many people say that looking at the waterfall on this side of Canada, the scenery is unique; In fact, on the American side, the scenery is also unique.Don't miss it.