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"6.30" stock market closed explanation, semiconductors, chips and other sectors led the rise throughout the day

2023-02-28 04:22:09

The trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets yesterday and today did not exceed one trillion, which reflects how the funds expect the market.

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The significance of the restoration is that

For today's A-share market, let's first ask two questions for everyone to think about.First, why are there more companies rising in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets today than in the falls, and the funds show that they are outflowing? A total of 2,499 companies are up and 1,662 are down today.The main funds are outflow of 200.3.5 billion, northbound funds is a net sale of 12.5.9 billion. Second, the market has had a net investment of 20 billion reverse repurchase every day in recent trading days.The trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets yesterday and today did not exceed one trillion, which reflects how the funds expect the market.Today is the last trading day of June, so judging from the situation of the past two months, the biggest winners in the stock market are the Science and Technology Innovation Wuling and ChiNext Wuling Index.The ChiNext index rose by 26 in three months.05, and the Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index rose by 27 in three months.23。 Simply put, if you don't buy a receipt within three months, or are the constituents of these two indices.It's actually very difficult to make money, but today's rise in the ChiNext and Science and Technology Innovation Edition Index makes me feel like I'm back before the Spring Festival.In this trend of explosive white horse stocks, at that time, it was also in this situation where you had to buy explosive white horse stocks if you wanted to make money, and it rained.Here, what do you want to remind your shareholders of your friends? The current position of 3,500 points on the ChiNext is also the position where it rushed back down in January and February this year.In July and August last year, the Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index was also above 1,600 points, and there was a trend of rushing back down, so the next July.It is recommended that everyone ask the police, growth stocks rushing back down and A-share individual stock style change secondly?

What about the heat of the hype in the semi-annual report, accompanied by a forecast of individual stocks? Is it gradually landed? Then, what may be paid special attention to here is to pay attention to ah, this industry where the month-on-month growth rate of profits is accelerating.This may mean that the stock prices of these industries will continue to rise, and the performance of the half-year report? It is possible that such a situation may exceed expectations.Western industry to see. In addition to coal, which doubled its profit growth, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobiles, textiles and apparel are all likely to exceed expectations, but what? The total profit of wine and beverages in the second quarter fell by more than 30% month-on-month, but the wine and beverages in the second quarter also rose first.Then, it should be said that this cocktail party drink fully reflects such an expectation of the market.It is recommended that everyone should pay attention to the time when the half-year report of the relevant company does not meet expectations, or in other words, the so-called good cash in such a performance in the future.So at present, the overall profitability of A-share intermediate technology companies, including expectations, is relatively optimistic.It is also very likely to remain until the third quarter, so for shareholders friends, choose technology stocks to invest.In the short term, choosing a time point to intervene is a better strategy.