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The ninth day

2023-02-28 04:21:54

The driver replied; Why didn't I know that the 18 Village Reservoir is fishing again?

Today to Uncle New Year's Day, the ninth day of each year, Uncle Home set up a guest.

The nephew is going to pay a New Year's greeting to his uncle, and the uncle entertains the nephew politely and puts the delicious food at home on the table; When the uncle is good, he will take his nephew to drink a few cups; Guess a few "Quanfu wines", in this way, drinking is full of excitement;

When the wine is drunk and the face is red, and the eyes are focused, it will gradually enter the "good" realm.

The sun is shining today, the sky is clear, the breeze comes slowly, the spring breeze brings warmth! Beautiful Day!

I didn't sleep well last night, I got up late in the morning, and it was nine o'clock after breakfast; I can't help but feel a little apprehensive, I don't have a car today, and I have to take a shuttle bus to my uncle's house.Now the shuttle bus in the city, every 30 minutes, can I catch the shuttle?

I think I can. I'm sure I'll be lucky enough to get a ride. It's in the mall. It's where the bus stops. I think the bus stops here. I stopped and looked at where the bus had come, and the bus had come, and there was no long-distance bus; I felt that it was slow to wait; and I thought of a ride, and if I could get one, very good.

The shuttle bus came, to Zhushan's; It wasn't the destination I wanted, and besides, the car was full of people and I didn't want to sit.In the choice of sitting or not sitting, the shuttle started;

Looking at it, waving his hand, the shuttle ignored me; The thoughts in my heart, between one thought and one thought, are thousands of miles apart.

Another van came, I saw the car to stone rock, is where I want to go; I am excited to shake hands, the car stopped; I ran to the car asked: “To stone rock, how much;”

“Fifteen dollars. Come on Up!” replied the driver

The fare is not expensive. deal. I climb on. The road from town to home, if there is a car, it is close; go to Uncle's house new year, also not affected.

The driver is from the same village as his high school classmates. I heard that he and his classmates are from the same village.

"The fish in the Shiba Tsai Reservoir in your village is delicious;" I put almost.

"Yes, the clear water fish in Shek Ba Tsai Reservoir is really delicious, and it is sold every New Year.The driver replied.

"Yes, the fish of the eighteen cubs, steamed and fried, are delicious, and they were still sold on the streets of the town a few years ago, so big ones, and they were jumping alive.I said;

"Now it is also sold, and many people have gone to fish in 18 Zai, and some have caught more.The driver replied;

How come I didn't know that the 18th Tsai Reservoir is allowed to fish again?

I asked, "Aren't you not allowed to fish in the reservoir?" ”

“Can catch fish, also quasi-fishing! Some good pole, a day can catch 20,30 catties.” The driver answered.

I'm so jealous to catch so many fish! Or a clear-water fish. I'm a little hungry.

Let's talk as we go!

The driver is a big boss in his hometown, doing steel pipe business in Nanning.There are valuable steel pipe rentals in hand.This time I went home for the New Year, and when I had nothing to do, I drove the van to pick up the guests.


"The family loves to gamble for money, I don't like to play cards; Don't come out to get a guest and earn some cigarette money.The driver replied.

I see; can do a big boss level, should pay attention to the details of making money; you have spare time, why not find a way to make money?

I once heard a construction site boss say that he builds roads and does not have a holiday during the Spring Festival; In this way, there is less traffic on the road, concrete pouring does not block the work, and the construction period is completed quickly!

Good Point! You have to admire the few who have the means to make more money.

When you arrive at your destination, get off the bus. The driver waved at me, said goodbye, and continued on the road.

Drivers earn money and are polite to people; this should be the businessman in the“Gentleman” bar! I Do!

I thought, how can I be considered a "gentleman"? If you have no money on your body and are rude to people, what is a gentleman?

Think of thinking, can not help“Red face” fever!

When I arrived at my uncle's house, my aunt drank tea for me to drink, and also accompanied me to eat melon seeds and sugar, and my uncle's etiquette was too thick.As the saying goes, it's not strange to be polite! In the future, deal with people and treat them with more courtesy.Learn more!

The New Year's greeting dinner at my uncle's house is delicious and lively.I ate two large bowls of rice, and there were many dishes; At the same time, I also saw the "New Year's Greeting Dinner" that was served for several weeks.