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The first time to grab people successfully, Zhang Yuning went to the National Olympics

2023-02-28 04:21:39

It is understood that one of the reasons for not releasing the list is related to national security forward Zhang Yuning, who was chosen by both Guus Hiddink and Fabio Cannavaro at the same time, and who appeared in Nanning for the national football team or played for the National Olympic Games in Malaysia, multi-party consultation is required.

The national football coach has become a hot topic recently. Since Lippi left after the Asian Cup, the FA has been slow to announce a manager. There's been speculation that Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng. Gao Hongbo and so on Earth coach, as a result these people have stayed at the club, determined not to get the football manager. The other is the head coach of the national football team, Shen Xiangfu, but with the accident of Tianjin Quan Jian, he parachuted into Tianjin Tianhai (changed his name) to become the head coach of the club, and also announced that he had no chance with the national football coach. Now it seems certain that Guangzhou Evergrande coach Fabio Cannavaro, who will lead the evergrande-based national soccer training team to compete in the upcoming China Cup.

At present, although the Chinese Football Association has not officially announced this matter, the major official media have confirmed this fact.However, the list of jobs that should have been published has not been published.According to the well-known domestic media PP Sports report, because of the disagreement in the recruitment of a player, the list is still being released, that is, Zhang Yuning, who recently returned to China.

PP Sports issued an article saying that the "China Cup" is approaching, and the new national football team originally scheduled for tomorrow has been assembled, but due to various reasons, the national football list has not been released until now.It is understood that one of the reasons why the list has not been released is related to Guoan striker Zhang Yuning, who was selected by Hiddink and Cannavaro at the same time, when he appeared in Nanning to represent the national football team or play for the national Olympic Games in Malaysia, which requires multi-party consultation.”

As fans familiar with Zhang Yuning know, he joined the Dutch Wisteria as an 18-year-old, and scored the first goal for the Chinese player, becoming a hot star in the Chinese front line. And he has also been selected to skip grade 93 national youth, 95 national youth, are important fulcrum in the front of the team. At the age of 19, he made his national team debut and scored two goals, making him the first choice for a national centre forward.

However, a failed transfer left him in serious form and after moving from the Eredivisie to Bremen, Zhang Yuning did not play for the entire season, and after planning to return to the Eredivisie, he was injured while playing with the U23 national team at the Asian Games, and as a result, he also lost his chance at The Hague.In the end, he chose to return to China in desperation and joined the Chinese Super League giants Beijing Sinobo Guoan.

To People's surprise, Zhang Yuning played well in national security, in the second round of the Super League, he also scored a kick super world wave, the skills astounded. His fulcrum role in the front and the ability to hold the ball, so that the national security team's attack more rich. Perhaps it is because of his outstanding performance that the two national coaches are interested in joining him.

Fabio Cannavaro needs Zhang Yuning to do well in the China Cup and become a regular. Guus Hiddink has a bigger job to do, which is to qualify in the preliminary stages of the Olympic Games, and Zhang Yuning seems to be the player he really needs.

As a world-class big-name coach, Hiddink has led many national teams to create miracles in performance, so the Football Association negotiated with the magic coach a long time ago for the national Olympic team to have good results.Finally, at the end of last year, Hiddink agreed to join the Chinese National Olympic Games.


On the front line, Hiddink was also experimentally multiplied.The three forwards identified so far are Yang Liyu, Liu Ruofan and Shan Huanhuan, and the three have played well in recent warm-up games, of which Yang Liyu is in good condition with four goals in three games.But both Liu Ruofan and Yang Liyu are used to playing on the wing because they play on the side of the club.Although Shan Huanhuan is a center forward and has a strong impact, his foot technique and ability to carry the ball on his back are average, so it is okay to let him play counterattack, but it is somewhat difficult as a fulcrum in the front court.

So the arrival of Zhang Yuning is no doubt a solution to Guus Hiddink's problems. And Zhang Yuning has excellent header ability, which is very dominant in the group against Laos, the Philippines and Malaysia, so Guus Hiddink is definitely not going to let go. It is reported that Zhang Yuning played in the league and the Asian Champions League, Bangkok led the training of the National Olympic coaching team is the first time to grasp his physical condition and medical reports. You can see how much you value him.

According to the latest news reports, Zhang Yuning is currently on his way to Bangkok by Flight CA979. After the warm-up training in Thailand, the national olympic team will travel to Malaysia on the 17th of this month, take part in the first stage of the Olympic Games. In other words, Guus Hiddink has been in Fabio Cannavaro's hands successfully snatch the person, has not any face card shuai to stay.

Do you think Hiddink can lead the Olympic Games to break through?