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December 3, 2012 with 7788

2023-02-28 04:21:29

December 3, 2012 some of the company's seven seven eight eight: inside the elevator, Sister Chen and the acting general manager whispered, which made people think deeply.

December 3,2012

Some things about the company:

Inside the elevator, the whispered words of Sister Chen and Dai Zong made people think deeply.

Sister Hu, in the conference room, saw traces of show.The methods and means of measurement, the actual role, there is a lot of moisture in the words.Engineering Department and QC price increase and morality.

Xiao He will be leaving his post at the end of this year. The knowledge you learn, the relationships you build up, you're vulnerable when you leave your job.

The convenience store near the entrance, the supermarket nearby, different prices. Different places, different prices.

Get Up in the morning and meet your standards. Wishes come slowly in time. Smile at yourself for taking a step forward.

Personal charging, being able to get something, the price to pay.While sometimes it's about experience, results are sometimes a necessary measure.