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My biggest fear -

2023-02-28 04:21:24

And I, so sad but so happy! You Don't know ———— -- those things you don't know, most remember boys out to go upstairs to provoke a fight, I couldn't sleep at night guilt, reflect on their own near-level by the surface calm confused, “Brainwashed” too little; Most of all, the rebellious written threw the book down, held his head high and roared at me

If I were to answer at this time: After teaching for so many years, what are you most afraid of? I will definitely answer: I am most afraid of moving the truth.

Who can be heartless? I this generation of women, not“Women for their own beauty”, but always have“Friends for the dead” impulse.

Those years -

After the big exam, the big guys and the big girls gathered together with their teeth and claws, and they didn't hold back in at all around me.

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Also remember them after the exam, I lost, for a long time have chest tightness panic, the classroom next to the office, but I dare to look away from the eyes, because, open the door, I am afraid in the empty classroom, ... Afraid in that a familiar desk, I will hallucinate to see a youthful breath filled face, afraid to hear a familiar and mischievous voice...

I remember that two days before the exam in June, I fainted on the road between the classroom and the office due to hypoglycemia, and after the exam, the simple Pan Wen's mother thanked me for the money I had paid in advance, Chaping's mother had to send me a chicken, and Fei Fei and Cheng Kui and a few people brought fruits to my house for an afternoon...


This is also the direct reason that drives me to shout tired every day, but I am willing to take over a class teacher again.

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Another year, three years and then it was gone. I was so excited after the test that I sent a circle:

I spent the whole night replaying the camera in my head, and I didn't take any pictures of that moment. All I know is that my heart throbs at the sight of you sprinting away, your still childish but resolute face, and the twinkling light in your eyes. Three years past spark like Flash in the mind, that moment I touched inexplicable, my eye socket is about to overflow, and three years, you have grown up! And I, so sad but so happy! The things you don't know

I remember the boys going upstairs to start a fight, I couldn't sleep at night because I felt so guilty, I reflected on how little I had been “Brainwashed” by the surface calm, and I remember the rebellious written throwing the book down, high head is angry to shout to me not to read, but after graduation is the most contact with me...

One of the benefits of growing up with older children is that they go from being ignorant to being thoughtful, fleshy teenagers, who grow up one step at a time, and grow up so quickly that it is both surprising and amazing, a sense of accomplishment is also double or more fulfilling.

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In the second child, it took me a long year to really adapt here.Now, in its third year, the first semester of sixth grade is fast approaching, and we are facing parting again.

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I'm afraid to be emotional.

The older you get, the more carefully you wrap your onion-like heart.There are many simple parents and friends who make me grateful that life is always beautiful, but there are also always people and things that surprise me, and the exquisite egoists make me, a person who longs for simplicity, deeply tired.Children are pure and lovely angels, and there are always adults who are utilitarian and visionless well frogs.

I know my knowledge experience is too shallow, not enough open-minded and transparent. Little Imber said she wanted to learn from Su Shi, who was always doing things in silence and was my teacher.