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Heart width to see light, good heart to let go!

2023-02-28 04:21:19

Be a person with a good heart, do not remember revenge, do not calculate, look down on everything, and be comfortable for the rest of your life!

In this life,


Nothing went as expected.

Something, powerless,

Some things, helpless.

The heart is broad, can see light,

Only with a good heart can we let go!

Down the road,

It will only go wider and wider.


It will only fade more and more.

We live in this world,


Optimistic attitude, sunny everywhere,


There are some things in life,

While embarrassing you, it also makes you strong.

Meet some people,

While hurting you, it also changes you.


Pattern is shaped by experience.

Life will not go well,

Things don't work perfectly.

If you are afraid of some obstacles,

You'll never get over it.

Some loss, if you care,

Just never get it again.



Kindness is the embodiment of possession.



There is no one who can not be forgiven.

No matter what happens to anyone,

Remind yourself:

Be grateful, don't remember hatred,

Learn to forgive and don't care.

To be a human being lies in cultivating the mind,

How the state of mind, how life.


The heart is narrow, and the road under the foot is narrow.

Fix the heart, get the mind right,





You can become stronger and better.

In this life,

Living is the state of mind.

Heart is relaxed, everything is fine,

Peace of mind, no worries,

Good heart, get a blessing.


Good heart, can let go of everything.

Keep your heart at ease and kindness,

Don't fuss about others, don't quarrel about trifles,


To be a human being in this life,

Heart is good, good heart is a treasure.

In the face of adversity, face calmly, do not be afraid,

In the face of gains and losses, go with the flow and don't complain.

If the road does not work, take a detour,

If things don't go your way, forget about it.

Be a man of easy heart,

No grudges, no grudges,

The rest of your life is easy!