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2023-02-28 04:21:09

In the afternoon, I spread out the warm sun of early winter, bathed alone on the balcony, and words sprinkled on my heart, I was intoxicated with the joy of sowing words, and after years of hobbies of selecting seeds, I had already fallen into a problem, and often stayed up all night, but the Mediterranean Sea was becoming more and more barren, I had set up camp on the balcony, used to sow seeds in the monsoon, this afternoon, I was burying my head in selecting seeds, carefully selecting the sun, but not


I spread out the warm sun of early winter

Take a bath alone on the balcony

Words followed


The Joy of sowing words

The hobby of selecting seeds over many years

I have long since fallen ill

I often stay up all night, but I can't help it

The Mediterranean Sea is becoming increasingly barren

I have set up camp on the balcony

Get used to sowing feelings in the monsoon



The sun said goodbye

"The tea you made is about to get cold"

The wife shouted in the house

I snapped back to my senses

The tip of the tongue stroked the cracked ridge

Seed selectors need to be inspired