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Wu Zhihong psychological second week, do not rush to change

2023-02-28 04:21:04

The role of the subconscious, says Wu Zhihong, he once forgot about an appointment with his psychoanalyst for counseling.

1 潜意识的作用

Wu says he once forgot a consultation he had arranged with his psychoanalyst. Later, his counselor said, Wu was angry with him. Here's why: in counseling, they often assume that a client who suddenly forgets to consult, is late, or delays coming to counseling, may be subconsciously angry with the psychoanalyst.

According to this theory, in the life of the common late, delay, etc. , is actually a kind of attack. Many parents complain that their children are procrastinating, probably because they can't take control of their lives because they have to follow their parents' instructions, so they subconsciously attack their parents by procrastinating and dawdling.

The subconscious is often ignored, but it is the driver of our fate, what we do, the role of the conscious level, the role of the subconscious.

2 潜意识怎么“破”?

When we do not want to do something, ostensibly because of not interested, but in fact because the subconscious that they can not, so do not even want to try, often will miss a lot of things.

The subconscious mind affects us so much, so how can we be aware of our subconscious?

The Indian philosopher Krishnamurti said: Awareness is both the beginning and the end, and it can be said that awareness is everything.

Constantly analyzing the deep-seated reasons behind our actions can help us understand and be aware of ourselves.

What is fate?

The so-called fate is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Self-fulfilling prophecy,” it is likely that your parents and other authorities of your expectations internalized into your heart, in authority under the influence of the slowly formed self.

4 Some examples

Some netizens said that their“Self-traits” such as“Low self-esteem,”“Submissive” and“Easy to please” were all associated with harsh and negative“Authoritative expectations.”.

Some people, like me, dare not sing and dance because they have been rejected by authorities such as parents or teachers.

If you are aware of the subconscious mind behind these actions and thoughts, then change begins.

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