Day Vision

Reading Everyday,Extending Vision

Now that we think that we can not cross the threshold, after a period of time look back in fact easily skipped; now that we think that we can not survive the moment, in fact, endure it will naturally pass. Everything that fails to defeat you will make you stronger.

2023-02-28 04:20:54

Name [ Li Yun ] company [ Liaoning Condi Clothing Co. , Ltd. ] group: 388th effort a group [ day of intensive clocking in the 40th Day ][ knowledge-learning ] six times of intensive work 2 times a total of 60 times university 2 times a total of 60 times amoeba business P123-P138 speak well P20-P25..

Name【Li Yun】

Company [Liaoning Congdi Garment Co., Ltd.]

Category: Issue 388 strives for a group

【Day 40 of Nissei Punch】

Know ~ learn

《六项精进》2遍  共60遍

《大学》2遍  共60遍




【Classic Quote Sharing】

The threshold that we thought we couldn't pass at the moment, looking back after a while, has already been easily skipped; At the moment, we thought we couldn't survive it, but in fact, it will naturally pass if we endure it.Everything that fails to defeat you will make you stronger.

In the amoeba business, no matter how small the waste can not be spared, to regard it as their own things. - yeah.-Kazuo Inamori

The best state of being human is not humility.Caring too much about other people's eyes and evaluations will only make you unable to let go of your hands and feet, hesitate, lose yourself, lose your personality, and lose your own value.Stick to what you have chosen and believe that what you adhere to is the right path for yourself.

公平 公正 正义 勇气 诚实 忍耐 勤备 博爱-----稲盛和夫的价值观


Life The result of work = mindset * effort * ability

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is stick to the last thing you want to do, and you'll get what you want most.


SELF-CULTIVATION: (to oneself)

1. Insist on reading every day. Learn.

2. Always warn yourself not to have emotional troubles.Treat it calmly, there is always a solution to the problem.

2. Qi Family: (for families and families)

1. Accompany parents.



Safe production.

Check the filling every day.



To know how to listen to the advice of others, to set their own position.


1. Do things with your own principles, bottom line, must be adhered to.

2. There are people you can count on, but don't count on! Always Tell Yourself, hard, strong!

3. Do not develop the habit of procrastination.

Do not accuse, do not complain, give yourself an optimism, give yourself an indifferent mood, give yourself a quiet spirit; Keep the most genuine feelings, keep the best mood!

Living healthily, living plainly, truly loving, and being busy tirelessly is a kind of fulfillment, it is a kind of wealth!


1. Thank you to the company's leaders for giving me the opportunity to learn.


3. Thank my family for taking care of me and understanding.

4. Thank you for the good life today.


Do more good deeds and be filial to your parents.

[ punch card started on 13 May 2018 and continued on 13 May 2018]