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The national football list is out, Li Tieai will be lost, star Wu Lei leads, Dai Weijun and Zhang Yuning are injured

2023-02-28 04:20:44

Zhang Linpeng is a shoo-in at the back, unless he's seriously injured. He's almost the Chinese Ramos, with his powerful tattoos, his fighting ability, and his ability to head and assist, and he can switch between centre-backs and full-backs at will, of course, but there are also weaknesses, and Zhang Linpeng is a bit of a handful when it comes to fast-paced players

Ven, the boos of Camp Nou

After the Qatari World Cup, Chinese football, which had been quiet for a long time, could not help but start to gain popularity. Li Tie was arrested, Chen Xuyuan was investigated, the manager was replaced, and now the big list has come, the level of Chinese football is not good, and the means of taking advantage of the traffic is indeed good. All of them are hot spots. If they are not careful, they will be able to climb up the wall of the hot searches smoothly. If nothing goes wrong, the big list this time will be the same as before, caused a heated debate.

Why say this, it's very simple, Shakespeare said that there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, everyone's positions, angles, preferences are different, and their cognition and understanding of football are different, even the king Messi can not conquer everyone's hearts, let alone the Chinese players? Let's just say that this big list is like a movie, there is no need to expect unanimous praise, it is difficult to adjust everyone's mouth.


For this list, my opinion is that there are no highlights, no surprises, a slight surprise, this squad reflects the helplessness and helplessness of Chinese football from a certain angle, even if it is a routine after the new coach Jankovic took office, after all, the football association got the manager out, fake model recruitment is still a step that must be taken.Officially, of course, it is in preparation for the two warm-up games away to New Zealand in late March.

Why is it that the big list has no highlights, no surprises, and is slightly surprised? There are only a few eggs left in the basket of Chinese football, and it is true that there is not much to start with. There is no need to say more about the position of the goalkeeper, right, the favourite is always Yan Junling, a young Genbao Football Base who has not only won the best goalkeeper award in the Chinese Super League, but is also a good jumper, quick reflexes and good in front of goal.

Liu Dianzuo is no longer the Liu Dianzuo whose ball passed from the crotch, I think back then, as the main goalkeeper of the Chinese Super League, Liu Dianzuo has already changed his wings and hardened his wings, belonging to the kind of type that may not necessarily sign a contract if he gives less money.As for Wang Dalei, everyone is more familiar, there is no lack of ability, no lack of experience, and no lack of aura, the only drawback is that the stability is poor, and the commotion is stronger.

In the back line, this Zhang Linpeng is bound to be selected, unless there is a serious injury, it is almost China's Ramos, domineering tattoo, quite good confrontation ability, headers, assists are also handy, and can switch between central defenders and full-backs at will, of course, there are also shortcomings, for players with fast frequency, Zhang Linpeng is difficult to defend, but look at the Chinese football basket, there is no egg more shiny than Zhang Linpeng.

Jiang Guangtai is also an ironclad type, debuted in England's domestic Everton youth training, pseudo-foreign gun, Jiang Guangtai joined Guangzhou Evergrande four years ago, but its performance has always been average, to say that it sounds good is decent, to put it bluntly is mediocre, especially the performance in the AFC Champions League, it is simply impossible to mention, in addition to showing the skill of the top is to stand in the box and look at the scenery, for this player, I only remember his empty eyes.

Li Ang this player, Jiangsu fans should have the most say, although the team lost, but some of the memories of Li Ang should still be, back then, he was the absolute core of the Jiangsu Suning Defense, he often plays as a deep-lying centre-back, and is also good at long-range shooting and free kicks. This Li Shuai I do not comment, do not know, should be the former player of Dalian, if not enjoy the full compensation arrears, I really do not know the name.


The selection of the midfield position this time is somewhat unexpected, first of all, Li Ke was not selected some accidents, but if you think about it, it doesn't have much impact, this player is actually the same as Jiang Guangtai many times, decent, not many mistakes but not eye-catching performance, Wu Xi is a very comprehensive midfielder is selected is very normal, Xu Xin has nothing to question, the squad is a regular visitor, not to mention Wei Shihao, I have always thought that this is one of the few good players among domestic players, extremely flexible and talented, Liu Binbin is also okay, Has a considerable ability to create opportunities, and also dares to dribble to break through.The rest of the players are a little confused, Hae Junmin, Jang Xizhe, Kim Kyung-do have all given up? Is Chinese football that extravagant?


Well, let's end it this way. It is an indisputable fact that there is a shortage of talented soccer players in China. Very few players can really play a key role in the team. If this big list has anything to say regretfully, that's David and Zhang Yuning. If you have to find a bright spot, it can only be said that Li Tie's love will not be elected, back then,